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  1. Just watched your shark video. Loved it and the sharing of the Good News.
  2. I booked tis trip through Dom Macan of Dive Advice Travel... dom@diveadvice.com Tell him I sent you his way. Dom is a great guy.
  3. On this dive trip aboard the Wellingreng - we saw it all - from the Blue Ringed Octopus to the Ornate Ghost Pipefish. The video is pretty epic ... https://www.marksadventures.com/raja-ampat
  4. And my other favorite shots from 2020 was this anemone in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
  5. This is one of my favorites from 2020. Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
  6. I've been an avid diver my whole life. Exotic travel and U/W photography is my hobby. I've traveled to 88 countries - and been in all the SEAS from the Arctic to Anarctica. And just now joing Wetpixel. Mark
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