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  1. Thanks, Tim. I get confused with this forum. Sometimes the latest posts are not near the top, despite reordering! Anyway, that's a pretty good guess. I'm going to see if I can mention this to our dive guide. The problem is that he's based somewhere where they have no internet connection but if I hear back from him I'll let you know.
  2. @ChrisRossiI was probably in 12m so there was quite a bit of ambient light.
  3. @TimGiI love shooting shrimp. They're much more challenging than nudis and I find their behaviour fascinating. Trying to shoot video with the TG6 on AF is nigh on impossible though!
  4. EXIF says 'Flash, compulsory'. The Inon was set to 100% with the diffuser on.
  5. Hi Chris, I've found one image I can use as an example, plus a second for comparison. You can clearly see in the legs there's something strange going on. I don't think this is motion blur as the left edge of the legs are clearly defined (although a comparison of the two images has one at 1/50 and the second, less severe version at 1/80). Wouldn't motion blur have both sides blurred? I've never really examined motion blur in this kind of detail. I don't think this is chromatic aberration either. I get some CA with the TG6 that is normally, mostly fixable. The second shot of the same shrimp has mild CA, which is normal for the TG6 in my experience. To me this looks like a flash-sync or second curtain effect because it looks like two exposures: one with flash and one without, each capturing the two positions of the legs as they move. Perhaps I am seeing the delay between the internal flash and the external? I'd love to know what this is and how I can solve it because I've seen this effect on a few of my shots. shrimp1 = 1/50, f/13, ISO100, exp = 0, spot metering shrimp2 - 1/80, f/6.3, ISO100, exp = 0, spot metering I've uploaded optimised shots. Let me know if I should upload the originals.
  6. I thought I posted this yesterday but can't find the thread. This was taken in around 12m of water in the Tomini Bay, Sulawesi. Measures approx 10mm in length.
  7. Yep, humpback it is! Just checked on a google image search. Thank you!
  8. As per my previous post from the Togians, here's another creature I couldn't see at the time. Probably 5-7mm in length. Our guide did tell us what this was but I didn't make a note of it.
  9. I'm just going through my photos of the Togian Islands (Sulawesi) and our local guide kept pointing at this. I couldn't see anything at the time. We were in around 12m in the Tomini Bay, about 100m off-shore on the Kadidiri Paradsie Resort house reef. The pointer in the picture is approx 5mm wide. It's no keeper, I'd just like to know what it is. Any help gratefully received.
  10. I tend to leave the strobe on full power, so no TTL, and as far as I'm aware I don't have the camera set to slow sync. When I get back to the camera in a couple of weeks I'll check this.
  11. Hi Chris, I'm aware that the aperture is faked by a filter but am I right in saying that even in aperture priority, the aperture 'closes down' as you zoom in? It's been a couple of months since I last used it and I can't check if this is the case because I don't have the camera in front of me but I am sure if I set it to f8 and then zoom in, it will change to f16.
  12. @Barmaglot no, I don't use a focusing light and I've often thought I should because I realise this is I've reason why the AF hunts. Can you recommend any?
  13. Good info, @ChrisRoss. However I'm often wanting to close down that aperture and I'm finding when I zoom in and try to select f16 (or whatever the smallest aperture equivalent is when zoomed in), the shutter speed is going well below 1/100. I'll have to dig out some samples of unsuccessful shots along with the camera settings. The flash, btw, is always set at maximum. I should add that using exposure compensation with the TG6 is very fiddly, especially when trying to maintain a specific distance on the subject.
  14. I'm using a small Inon strobe and lighting the subject when taking the photo isn't the issue. My main problem is focus hunting, which may be an issue with the cheap Seafrogs housing and the lens getting confused by the plastic lens cover. The other issue I think I've introduced is limiting the ISO, which forces a slower shutter speed when in aperture priority. This slower shutter speed introduces strange lighting artefacts, which could also be an issue with the cheap plastic reflecting strobe light where it shouldn't. I think I have it limited to 800 when I should be allowing it to go to 1600.
  15. Thank you all for your thoughts. I think it best to continue with the TG6 setup as is, and think about a dedicated macro lens and housing for my A7C some time in the future.
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