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  1. Hello Thanks you all for trying Couldn't answer before because I was in the sea. Isotta called be by video to find solution. The problem was coming from the fiber optical wires that were only mono canal So we fixed the problem on the TTL Thanks Isotta, incredible service, it is rare, such a company
  2. Hello Thank you for answering I tried without rear mode, that is exactly the same. I have TTL/ manual trigger provided with the housing. Strobe I tried on TTL and manual that doesn't change anything. Pre flash mode doesn't work. The strobes strike every time on manual or TTL mode, but like is seen only half of the time on the photo What I don't understand is why the camera change behaviour every photo like on the photos?
  3. The strobes are in Manual mode and they fire I fully shot manual Yes I changed from 1/200 and under, doesn't change Here are some quick photos of the screen, to show the two "différents modes" the camera produce, without I touch anything It always alternate between this two. So first it will be like on the first photo, with exposure correction, and you can see a orange thunder on the bottom right. With this mode, even if the strobe fire, it will not be seen on the photo Then after I took the first photo, it will alternate with the second photo, where the screen doesn't compensate low exposure. The orange thunder is not on the bottom right. I shoot the photo and the light will be seen on the photo Then it will come back to the previous mode and etc...
  4. Thanks Adam for your answer. I thought of that in the beginning. But this doesn't change the problem. If I wait one hour that is the same The strobes say that they are ready to fire, and they do I think this comes from the camera or trigger The camera behaviour change, alternate with two modes, one with real exposure, no flash logo on it and other mode not rela exposure and flash logo on. The flash light will be seen on the first mode, not on the second
  5. Hello I have one Nikon z7II on isotta housing, with manual/TTL trigger I use two strobes, sea and sea ysd2 and 3, connected by fiber optic. I shoot fully manual. My problem is: in exactly the same conditions, when I take photos, the strobes fires, but I see the light of the strobes 50% of the time, in alternative. First photo will show the light, the one after no, then yes, no etc... The strobes fire everytime, but the camera seems not sync with them half the time. Before photo that end up with strobe light on it, I see adapted exposure in the evf.So if I underexpose, I will have the dark screen. After shooting i can see the strobe light. Before the photo that end up without the strobe light on it, image exposure is balanced to be correct, and I see a little orange thunder on the right bottom of the screen. So even if I totally underexposed, the screen will show me correct exposure image. I shoot, the strobe fire, but then on the photo, the image is fully dark, no strobe light on it. And this alternate every photo I made tests, try to change everything I can't find solutions. The strobes do fire, but exactly half of the photos are without it on it. It is like they are not synchronised with the camera. I made what is recommended in the notice for the strobes, they fire well Any idea or suggestion ?
  6. Hello my name is Clement I'm french diver and photographer Thank you for welcoming me
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