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  1. I just have some third pary feedback regading Isotta. most people love these cases. Easy to use, quite compact and a good price. The only issue is, there is no case for the A7 IV, I thery didn't even said when they will release a case. I think the modeswitch from stills to video needs a special solution ...
  2. Hi all, I will got in a few weeks to a wreck tour. We will go quite deep (round about 30m - 40m). Did anybody of you tried to use an 360° cam like the Insta360 for these kinds of dive? Many years ago I had an Gopro and this cam already go some problems in wreck drives. What is your experience with 360 cams and deeper dives? Hit or Miss?
  3. @adamhanlon Maybe you could ask Nauticam a few questions about the WACP-C when you have your talk? Is the WACP-C the same optical formular as the WWL1? It seems to be if I took a look at the product pictures. Are split pictures possible? What brings the future? Is it possible to create optics that could be on pair with dome ports when it comes to distortion?
  4. Just a general question. Did Nauticam said what the advantages are when we comparing the WACP-C to the WWL1? From what I see, we got almost the same lens support but need to pay more for a fixed setup.
  5. Just a more critical question, do we really have some testing of these kinds of setup that would be in the same ballpark as Christopher Frost photography for example? What we got most times is a text and a few pictures from a dive, but at this point I don't see any real testing methodologies created for underwater gear. The only thing that came close was the test from Wie Domeports, Vorsatzlinsen und Korrektivports wirken - UWFoto.net (its in german) and even they lacked so many data points that I can't really judge anything from these short articles. I have the feeling, we just have to try out for our own. But who wants to sink that much money into the hobby...
  6. In this case I will blame Nauticams Marketing team to say things like "captures images with minimal distortion". I know "minimal" is a broad term but for people like me, I would think this one comes close to a rectilinear lens as it gets. But good to know that these are the optical limits. It's still a shame that we don't have in deepth reviews because nobody got time or money for this. But this is the price of this small and expansive hobby I think. Thanks to clarify this point @Interceptor121.
  7. Still on the fence for this lens. Its "cheaper" than the others. But why should we use this one if we can use a dome port or a even more cheaper wetlens instead? I'll wait for some samples but the distortion seems to be on the high end, so I might get a domeport instead. It also said no focus on air, so I can asume no split pictures are possible?
  8. The lens itself seems to be interesting. But I hope there are more lens options in the future. For Sony are only the "kit" lenses possible, I would like to see other compact zooms like the Sigma 28-70. Don't know if this Nauticam design is even capable to use quality zooms.
  9. Hm, I had the impression that the scoreing system is changing over the years. I could be wrong, in this case ignore my post from before. EDIT: Just take a look at Nikon D850 vs Sony A7IV vs (dxomark.com) But I think you might be right, but it should be better to see the results for yourself because the A7 IV seems to have better low light performance and the D850 has an edge in color depth.
  10. I would not use Dxomark when it comes to comapring old tech to new tech. They don't retest old cameras. Hence you don't know if the camera sensor is good today or just was good in the past. As I was pointed to, my statement was false. But still: I would say use https://photonstophotos.net/, there you got the raw data. For example the new generation is better in noise to iso performance but the dynamic range is almost the same.
  11. Thanks for the overview. I think there is a real problem in the market, that everyone can write specs as they pleased. Weefine said they have now a 13000 lm lamp with CRI of 95. I don't know of anyone who is able to test these claims. Would be nice to know if Keldan is really worth the money or maybe just a luxus brand. Or if they pick the best parts for the best possible light and this just drives the price.
  12. I think these questions won't be answered, because I see many "feelings" in the statements and less real testing. However I think to test AF performance is something most people can't do because there are so many variables in the testing setup and to many use cases where AF systems differ in performance. Questions about what subjects the user is shooting, the gear and the environment needs to be the same and then we have the problem that DSLR and Mirrorless are using different lenses. Setup of the System (AF-C vs AF-S and so on). Or if the DSLR AF workflow is not applicable for mirrorless... In the end, if people like their gear, why should they switch? But we all know, Mirrorless is the future, because most big players already stopping to develop new DSLR bodies and put all they dev. money into mirrorless.
  13. Well the mirrorless system just will get better by the time. The Hybrid-AF system should be the best solution for AF since we get phase, contrast AF and light gathering on one silicon. But the question remains, did anyone really tested an old topline DLSR system against a very good midrange mirrorless like Cacon R6, Sony A7 IV? I go for macro shots in nature with flashes and didn't see any problems with my system beside the AF needs to be set good, without a flash, the review gets very very dark, the AF still works fine for me. Since there is no real good case for the A7 IV (Nauticam to expansive in my region), I can only tell later this year how this system might perform in the water.
  14. Would be realy nice to see the results of this lens. I'm just curious if the 35mm would make a differenz or if the tamron with it's 28mm is still good enough. I realy like that we have more options on e-mount.
  15. There is a record button on the Sony case, but there are some drawbacks if you start video recording in Photomode. At this point this not direct experience from myself but in this case some AF options are avaible, so if video is something you want to use all functions, you should get a case where you can switch to video or even high speed video.
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