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  1. Thanks Phil to do some testing for us. I think for it boils down to the Tamron 17-28 or the Sony 28-60 + Wetlens. Isotta allready has the Ports and Zoomgear for the Tamron, so this brand might also be a good solution. I wait for the prices of these brands. This hobby is just tooo expansive ...
  2. Thanks for your feedback, I will keep an eye on both options. Tamron 17-28 or Sony + WWL. There is still plenty of time to see what will be released but I think you're right that I should opt-in for a solid zoom and a good field-of-view. I think the brands will need some time to create a case for the new cameras so I can save some money.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I was aware of WWL option, but I have the fear to get vendor locked by this setup. Isotta seems to me the prefered brand at the moment when it comes to case but this might change. I just want to be able to choose the brand without the fear, that the WWL might no work, because the ports are not compatible or I have to tinker myself a good solution.
  4. Hi all, as the title said, I will save some money to invest in the future in new gear, which will be the new Sony A7 IV. I'm not satisfied with my current A6400 and I want to switch in the future and don't wast money on a case for a camera which I don't like in everything. So now the question, did anybody tested the Sony 20mm F1.8 or Tamron 17-28 for shooting wrecks? I think both should be very nice lenses but I lack the knowlege what focal lengths will suite me more. Both lenses have quite the same minimum focus distance, so its up the quality of the glass and zoom vs prime. Thanks for your help.
  5. So if I'm right. The frist picture is by the Sigma and second by the WWL-C. I see more sharpness in the corners but also more distortion for the WWL-C. Do you know if the Sigma needed to use a higher aperture than the WWL-C setup? Just wanted to make sure both pictures where taken with the same setting (like F8 or F4 for example).
  6. Personal for me I think most times I want do shoot wrecks and (artificial) reefs in cold/warm water (Baltic See and typical holiday tours like mediterranean sea, egypt and so on). Do you know some article which gone into details about the use cases for each setup? You allready said that sometime barrel distortion could be a problem and so on.
  7. Thanks for the reply. This could shift my current setup to a wetlens if I can find something for my current low budget case. The FOV Table said I need at least 12mm to match the 130° FOV of a "standard" wetlens with a 24 to 28mm lens. Are there any reasons to use a domeport beside the ability to make half/half shoots?
  8. Hi, I have a general question. When it comes to Wetlenses like the Nauticam WWL-1 or WeeFine WFL01, I can see the data sheet and know the estimated FOV for each lens combo. My questions would be, is there a list of expected FOV for typical lens + domeport combos? Like Tamron 17-28 and a 8 to 9 inch DomePort? I'm still planning my first real setup and I wan't to make sure I will grab the right gear for my money.
  9. Nice picture. You said you used a 180 dome port. Which focal lenght do use with this dome port?
  10. @Phil Rudin Thanks for your big review in the lateast uwmag. I just wonder how good the new Sony 20mm F1.8 would perform with a 180mm Port on this setup. Its just a shame that we have so many possible lens + port combinations and nobody can't test all of them ;).
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a a diver from germany who wants to try to learn how to take better pictures. I'm still at the very beginning of my journey but I hope I will find some good inspiration here :).
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