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  1. Personal the FCP would depend on the price and how easy I could fit this one on a Isotta Housing with the Nauticam adapter. At the moment a Canon FishEye plus adapter would cost me round about 1k or more. So the FCP should at least be on paar with this budget and deliver better results.
  2. WACP would be a to big investment in my eyes. But lets see how it will play out.
  3. Could also maybe an interesting combo with a wet-lens like the WWL-1. Maybe better sharpness in comparison with the SEL2860. But you kinda have a dead zoom range from 17 to 23mm.
  4. Something that caught my attention. Just have a look at the typical news from SAR TAMRON announces development of the 17-50mm F/4 Di III VXD for Sony Full Frame E-mount cameras. Seems to have the same close focus distance as the Tamron 17-28 and internal zoom. Maybe a good all-around solution for dives where a fisheye zoom is to wide?
  5. Thanks for the video, I was just looking for some video samples with the A7RV. Could you please just tell me what kind of video mode did you use? What do you think about the video modes in general? Its not a rolling shutter wonder but maybe its good enough for chill underwater?
  6. @Alex_Mustard Typical specs, only electronic shutter, so 1/200 flash sync and a round about 3 mil EVF. First review said, its the same AF and has its problems when its compared to a Canon R5 or Sony A7RV. Still a very good body from Nikon, getting a high resolution stacked sensor for 4.000$ will make this system a best seller. Don't know how extrem the AF will be worse underwater.
  7. I would say its a very good hybrid camera with strong focus on video functions but just from the specs it can't compete with the A7SIII which offers 4k60 and even 4k120 without crop and way better rolling shutter performance. Its nice to have some features but for Video I thinks its a better version of the A7 IV.
  8. I would be more happy if they switch to 18650 batteries. Two of these would be offer enough power and we could cut down to two for each strobe. I wonder way these are not used for the upcommig releases.
  9. Maybe the Sigma 28-70 could be the better choise? Its smaller than the tamron and might work better but the image quality is not up the the level of the tarmon. But these should be on pair after F5.6.
  10. Thanks for the review. I was cautious of the WWL1 or WPAC because of the Sony 28-60 which is just a kitlens and has issues when it comes to high MP sensors. Maybe in the future there will be better lenses which can be paired with the WWL1 WPAC to get better results.
  11. I will just stay here and follow the topic. Personal I would love to see if this might be a good setup with a "smaller" 180cm or 8 inch dome port. Could be a perfect travel setup. The lens also has a 0,39 maximum magnification at 70mm, so I think it could work for some bigger marco subjects. Well lets see when we got the port list from the vendors.
  12. Sorry I think its not possible to answer your question based on both images. I know its hard to do, but for a real comparison, I personal would need a similiar setup. So same diver, perspective and so forth. Otherwise I would pick the second picture. But this could also be influenced by the composition and lightning and not the lens setup.
  13. Thanks @LarryHallas for the link. I was not aware how strong the Inon-Z330 realy is. Would be interesting to know how much much the circular flash tube design and warmer strobe flash can impact the overall image quality. Maybe the 2x price increase of Retras or OneUW 160X are just for pixel peepers?
  14. Hm, looks like the same flash design? I had the hope Inon will use circular flash tube in their new products. I hope the successor of the Z330 will at least have some more changes. Circular flash tube, better batteries like the 18650 and strong LEDs would be a dream update.
  15. Quite a nice blogpost about that topic. For me the camera is such a difficult decision when it comes to UW-photo. At least 3 grants for the case is a huge entry fee and for the most times you can't just switch bodies because the case won't fit the new one. I think I may save some money for the A7R5 to invest into something that can be used for many years to come. With my A7IV I have the feeling that I might need to make to many compromises in the future.
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