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  1. I'll do $1350 total! I would really like this sold soon. -Dave
  2. Different medium but I love the Samyang 18/2.8. Here is a product shot I used it for. In some situations you will need to boost the contrast a bit but overall I've really enjoyed the lens. I think pairing the a A7C would be incredible! grayl by Dave Fason, on Flickr
  3. Hey guys, new to the forum but have established feedback on FM. I have used this housing for over a year now. It is completely overkill for me as I generally do not go deeper than 5' for the photography I do. This is in great condition. I can send more photos through DM or on here. Whatever works! Includes dome, extension, side handles ( not pictured ). $1450 shipped UPS. -Dave
  4. Have you ever tried to use good quality close up adaptors? I found using 50-75mm lens with these created killer macro photography.
  5. Hopefully this will help. I had a job in Belize in February prior to me having my vaccine. I had spent 45 days down there prior to the pandemic and kept up with the locals weekly. They have taken the virus very seriously and still require a mask anywhere you go. Including going for a walk by yourself. After talking with them I felt that the job could happen. I was tested 4 days before, the day before, three days before I left Belize and 4 days after. At no point did I not feel safe or feel that I was endangering the people. We were smart, outside and masked up in the situations needed. I was in a small village that has only had 11 cases since the start. I know in Belize they are allowing people in without all the red tape IF you have been fully vaccinated. Be safe and be mindful of other people. If you are able to choose an airline that is still keeping middle seats open that is a great peace of mind. We used Delta who was doing this. -Dave
  6. Great to see the A7C housing, thanks for posting! I've used the Samyang 18/2.8 on my A7iii for underwater for some time. I've really enjoyed it for the price point and weight. Pair this with the A7C and you have a tiny package! -Dave
  7. Hey guys! New to the forum. I mostly photograph fishing and the outdoors. Underwater photography is one of my favorite mediums. Hope you enjoy a couple of these examples! BrookieOverUnder by Dave Fason, on Flickr Blueridgemusky (59 of 86) by Dave Fason, on Flickr franky-15 by Dave Fason, on Flickr
  8. Hey guys! I had no idea about this forum until a member on FM told me about it. I am a photographer out of NC. I mostly shoot fishing and underwater work is some of my favorite. BrookieOverUnder by Dave Fason, on Flickr franky-15 by Dave Fason, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Fason, on Flickr -Dave www.davefason.com
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