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  1. Here it says leave the magnet out...more than confused about it... http://users.ncable.net.au/~anewton/inons2000.html
  2. Thanks! Please correct me if I am wrong. As I shoot on a ttl only camera (tg4) I leave the magnet OUT to have ACC on. Now I have two options: 1. Strobe on s-ttl: camera pre flash fires = pre flash on strobe exposure is calculated camera fires second flash, which is weaker than it usually would be because of the strong flash of the inon strobe (saves battery life right?) = second flash of the strobe is fired But isn't the second strobe flash of the inon also weak if the second strobe flash of the camera also is weakened due to that? 2. Strobe on manual: camera pre flash fires = pre flash on strobe is this first strobe flash the strenght i choose on the inon?? camera fires second flash = second flash on inon strobe Which is the strenght I choose on the strobe itself? I it normal that I cant see any pre flash on the tg4? As said, it is set to "Fill In" flash. Sry for that many questions and thanks so much for the help!!
  3. Or is the fill in flash from the tg4 with pre flash? That would mean I can't turn of the pre flash on this camera?
  4. Hi! I bought a wb card for underwater video for my next holiday. Now I want to know how I do it correct to avoid experimenting too much during the dives. So I place the card in front of the lens that it fills the entire screen. Then I do the manual wb. But what about when using strobes or video lights? Do I need to use them during the manual wb? Shooting on an Olympus tg4 with inon strobes and inon video lights. Thanks.
  5. Ok so I set th camera flash on fill in? And then I have the problem that I cant find the option for pre flash anywhere...cant find it in the manual either.
  6. Hi. What should I do with the magnet of the s2000? In or out? I don't really understand it... And is it correct that the pre flash is the red eye setting on the tg4? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I will look into the RX100. Why do you doubt the rumors for the tg7? Even a manager said there will be a successor. And I noticed that the price of the TG6 dropped a lot lately. Could all mean nothing though.
  8. Hi! I want to replace my tg4 before my next trip. I am looking at the tg6 (worth the upgrade?) or maybe the upcoming tg7. Or is there any other compact camera that can shoot both macro and wide on the same dive with no lens switching? Right now I got the Backscatter Air Lens and it is great for both. Thanks.
  9. 350 USD or 300 € - new price
  10. Price suggestions are very welcome, just send me a pm
  11. Thank you, but what means "to top off"? (English is not my native language sry)
  12. Sry I think my question is a bit missleading. I was more leaning towards what is better for the device?
  13. Hi! If I won't use my light, strobe, camera etc. for longer time, like more than 3 months, is it better to take the batteries etc. out? If so, why? Thanks
  14. Nope I came back 3 weeks ago. But I actually did 2 dives there if I am right. Or at least pretty close. Lucky to watch 3 eagle rays flying trough the sea during those dives
  15. You can get either the 1100 or the 1300 on ebay. There is an Italian seller, where I did order the 1300 a few minutes ago. But as you are from the USA, there are also sellers from Japan I think.
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