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  1. Thank you. I couldn't search the post you told me about. I'll try the way you told me.
  2. Hello, I'm using two Inon z330. Actually, I don't use z330 focal lighting.Today, by chance, one of two discovered that the focus light was not working. I don't know when it didn't work because I don't use the focus light on z330. Use a separate focus light.Use the inon z330 as a manual only and the rest of the functionality works without any problems.Is there anyone who has experience with this kind of place?Since this is out of warranty, I haven't decided yet whether to fix it for a fee or just use it.
  3. I am using M1OOO WRA Focus light from a Chinese company called X-ADVENTURE. White 1000 lumens 500 lumens 250 lumens brightness and red 200 lumens 100 lumens brightness. It is 13cm long and weighs 130g excluding batteries. I measured the size and weight myself. The angle 100 degrees. I use 18650 battery. There is also a strobe detection auto-off function. There are models that include snoots, but I bought a cheap snootless model. I bought it because the cost including YS adapter was low, but I am satisfied with the quality. Quality and style are very similar to WEEFINE. But it's cheaper. I've been using BIGBLUE products as focus lighting and exchanged them for X-ADVENTURE products for about a year, but they're still working well without any problems. DSC_2203.jfif
  4. I have used the Nikon D800 for about 7 years and still own it. And I've been using the first generation mirrorless of z6 for about two years now.The lens experience is F mount for Sigma 15MM, Nikon 8-15, and 105MM.Both models are rated as having poor AF... However, it is not a big problem at a wide angle. Macro photography requires patience in both models.I don't have experience with cameras like D500 or A1 or Z9, but I think AF will be more comfortable and easy to shoot.Mirrorless has seen a lot of talk about the difficulty of photographing the sun. My experience is that EVF is harder to see the sun than OVF, but mirrorless doesn't mean it can't be filmed. Once I got used to exposure setting, I felt that there was no significant difference between mirrorless and DSLR.In fact, I replaced the mirrorless at DSLR, but nothing much has changed about filming. It doesn't feel like an upgrade or downgray.The convenience of just the latest model has improved. (Charge C-TYPE, Fast file movement due to fast memory usage)I think creativity and shooting skills are more important than equipment. I can feel this way because i am amateur. Its a subjective opinion.
  5. I used dslr and switched to mirrorless. I think dslr ovf has more advantages than mirrorless evf. But the reason I use a mirrorless is that I use contact lenses because I have poor eyesight. Contact lenses can fall out if i close one eye. This is not the case because it is currently filmed through an external screen. my new planning to add an underwater monitor now.
  6. I'm using xtar vc8. Charge the usb-c port use and 18650 lithium rechargeable battery and aa rechargeable battery. In the vc8 I use, port 4 measures a little higher voltage. So the lithium rechargeable battery does not use slot 4. However, the Panasonic Eneloop Ni-MH battery charges. The charging algorithm of lithium rechargeable batteries buffers with voltage, so inaccurate slot 4 is not used. The charging algorithm of the Ni-mh rechargeable battery stops charging by measuring the voltage drop after full charge. Therefore, although the voltage measurement is inaccurate, it is believed that slot 4 buffers Ni-mh. There is a disadvantage to slot 4( slot 7), but I have been using it steadily for usb-c high-speed charging and convenience. And it's cheap. Of course, it is not clear whether these shortcomings are just my product's problem.
  7. The important point that others say is that cameras do not come first in underwater photography equipment, but housing setting first.
  8. HelloI own something that is not the same maker's housing, but I had a similar problem.In my housing, the right arrow key AE-L button did not work well, and in a vacuum state, four buttons and the front wheel did not work.My housing solved the problem through dealer service.The four buttons were adjusted by adding a washer, and the problem was solved by adjusting the position of the front wheel contact.Maybe you will solve the problem with a little adjustment when you receive the service.I am using z6mark1. I know that mark2 uses dual memory to have two memory cards on the right side of 2 mm, which is thicker.Among the housings of several makers, isotta is the only housing that can be used together with mark1 and mark2. Perhaps it will work well if you receive the manufacturer's service and adjust the housing controller. I hope your problem will be solved well.
  9. Hi.I'm not an expert, but a lot of content in the forum shows that housing is not an accessory to underwater photography. The camera is an accessory to the housing.If you want to use Sony A1's current highest quality expensive camera as an accessory for underwater photography, I think a good quality housing and proper setting will produce good photography results.Before I knew this forum, I used a 14-24 lens and an 8-inch dome port for the first full-frame camera Nikon d800 dslr, but the quality was not good. Compared to the existing small compact camera underwater photographs, it was difficult to find good points in the photographic results and I was disappointed.Later, I read and studied the forum, used Sigma 15 fish eyes, and improved the quality of the picture. If I had known Wet Pixel Forum before purchasing equipment, I wouldn't have made a double investment.Currently, it is used underwater as a full-frame Nikon mirrorless.If you use an expensive high-end beast-like camera like Sony a1, I think the camera will perform only when you use a dome port suitable for housing and setting for good image quality.
  10. I use 8-15mm, ftz adapter, z6. Nikon is known to have lower auto-focusing performance than Canon or Sony.However, in a wide angle, I have no regrets in the environment I use.Properly, if you raise the aperture, the quality is clear from the center to the periphery. Usually, aperture f11 is used a lot.It is more comfortable to film than the d800 I used before.However, the f mount 105mm feels slow.I'm curious about the performance of the new 105mm z-mount. If there is a review on the expansion soon, it will change to 105mm z-mount.
  11. Thank you for your information.I am also using Z Mount, but I am using FTZ Mount 8-15mm fish eye lens and 105mm macro lens.I was very interested in the combination of 14-30mm F4 lens and SEA&SEA filter, but I was hesitating because there was no review.I wonder the result of the picture of the higher aperture.
  12. It was not the same product, but the distance between the screws of the aquatica housing handle was wide, making it impossible to mount the inon lanyard adapter.
  13. The FF settings I have...D800 sigma 15 and Z6, 8-15 weigh 8kg to 9kg.The arms are 5 + 8 inches long and the strobe uses z240 or z330.The arm has a buoyancy of 10 bar.The dome is an 8-inch acrylic dome port in both settings with a slight weight added to the front.The weight of my DSLR and mirrorless is not much different.
  14. I also have an experience of having a problem communicating mail with Aquatica.I got a reply, but I was rather confused by the inaccurate answer.For example, the newly purchased housing accessories were different in shape from the manual and could not be installed. This is the connection accessory of the lens adapter and the button that detaches the lens.When I inquired via email, they said there was no problem, but the service center put it together again and solved the problem.The service center said the assembly of the accessories was reversed.I understand the frustration of this forum creator.
  15. If I take a picture at 8mm with the extension ring I'm currently using, there will be no vignetting if I remove the lens hood and dome hood. Nikon 8-15 lenses vary in circular size depending on focal distance. I didn't see the vignetting in either focus.
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