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  1. I clean/inspect every time I change a battery or swap a memory card. Try to do it in a dry/clean environment. I prefer not to do this around the dive deck, but it's not always possible to take the gear back to myroom on some live-a-boards. I use a small flashlight to look over the oring channel to make sure I didn't miss a spec of sand or hair. I rotate through memory cards 1 card per day. Minimizes the risk of loosing all photos in the event of a flood or memory card failure. I also change out all orings 1x per year. Knock-on-wood... No floods to date. (Sony RX100 M2, Nauticam NA-RX100, YS-D1)
  2. We utilize 1 gal zip-lock bags for groups of similar components. All chargers in one bag, tray and arms for each camera in separate bags, All gopro components stored in a small sealed box. Had to drill a small 1/16" vent hole in the gopro storage box, the seal would vent and pull a vacuum on the box during airline travel, almost impossible to open afterward. Lens and cameras are stored in padded cases. All of the bags and components are then stored in a tote from HD w/ folding lid flaps. Keeps everything organized and ready for the next trip. Our house is large enough that we have a room dedicated for dive and camera gear. Installed heavy duty clothing racks and shelves to hang wetsuit and BCs, and store totes. Have several totes labeled for gear: His, Hers, Cameras, Mechanical, Liquids, Misc. Installed long hooks on one wall to store several pairs of fins. Keep a 6' table in the room to prep gear for the next trip or servicing equipment.
  3. Hello from Georgia, USA! Avid diver and UW photographer for 7 years; 300+ dives. Love traveling to warm water locations w/ friends to shoot both macro and wide-angle. Currently shooting with a Sony RX100 M2, CMC2, WWL-1, and YS-D1. Best, Eric
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