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  1. Thank you Phil for your insight! I have been reading your articles and they are definitely helping to understand the options available. I will continue reading now!
  2. Thank you Chris, Tim and Bill. Very much appreciate the honesty and your perspective! You made very compelling points about the challenges of that focal length and Wide angle photography Underwater. I am definitely in no rush of making any decisions right now, more on the exploratory side of things, looking at options and ideas. So your comments are certainly helpful. If only physics would make things easier... Hopefully later this year I will have a chance to physically visit some distributors and try some options out as well to gauge weight, portability, budget, etc.... I especially like the comment about portability of larger domes, indeed, that is something in my pros and cons list to consider. While it would be nice to reuse the equipment I already own, it does make sense not to get stuck with that option. I am also considering things like the Sony RX100 vii which seems to offer the opportunity for a more cost effective setup to get started, and as you all mentioned leave room for the extra accessories that will be required for the setup (lights, hardware, wet lenses...). and also options/sizes from other manufacturers. But there is plenty of information about this out in the forum, so I will continue looking into it. I guess at this point it is more about figuring out options and budgets, and the end of the day, it will mostly be a hobby, an expensive one (), but a hobby hahaha, so no rush (and learning from you all is fun!). really appreciate your input and time!
  3. Hi everyone! I am in the process of moving from compact/iphone underwater photo to using my sony setup that I use landside for my hobby/work. I have been reading a lot of posts regarding setups for a Sony a7R III. I mostly own primes and the 24-105 G zoom. As I am starting to plan to upgrade from a bare iphone housing to a housing that will allow me to use my sony setup underwater I am looking at what the best lens choices are. While I have the Macro end covered with the 90mm, my biggest doubts come at the wide angle end. I don't own any zoom other than the 24-105mm (which I believe is not the best option underwater) as I mostly use primes and for the wide end I only have the 24mm 1.4 GM, if I need anything wider I tend to do panoramas . My favourite lens on land is the 24mm 1.4 GM. Stays on most of the time... I see that Nauticam has a recommended a setup with their housing (which is the one i am leaning towards). I have been trying to find reviews or experiences with it but they seem scarce. I am wondering if any of you have good experience with it or if there are better alternatives, like buying a cheap 28mm f2 or 28-60 and a wet wide lens. I wonder if the quality of the 24mm in a 7" dome as recommended by Nauticam will yield better results than the wet wide lens combo. Obviously there are other variables like setup size for travel, lightning... But at this stage I am trying to understand if I can get started and get good results with the lenses I have (24mm for the wide end and the 90 for macro dives) and the housing/dome combinations out there. Does anyone have experience or know of any review that compares those lenses? Thank you all for the help! PS: I added one photo that I took with my iphone + sealife sportdiver, just to show the type of photography that I enjoy most..
  4. Hi! I am IƱaki from Spain, I've always loved photography and have a full sony setup that I use on land. I have been trying to put off underwater photography until I feel comfortable with my buoyancy etc... but I think that it is time to start exploring UW photo more seriously and learn from all of you to transfer the landside skills underwater! Couple pics I took with my iphone and Sealife housing (no lights and somewhat hard to nail the focus, but fun to use nonetheless) on a recent trip.
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