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  1. The WACP-2 has a collar built into it, but it is still pretty nose heavy. Its a bit like trying to fit the collar you suggested over a 230mm glass dome - with the additional issue of there being a knob that opens and closes the shades on the dome which is in the way.
  2. Just in case someone in the future has this same problem, I'm going to let everyone know how I trimmed out the WACP-2. As mentioned, it is pretty nose heavy, which is the total opposite of my experience with Nikon Z6 and a 230mm glass dome port. The guys at Nauticam told me that they just push their first float arm segments very far forward, to counteract the nose-heavy, and then pull back the second float arm segments behind the front element. I tried that today and it worked pretty well. I was a little disappointed that I didn't come up with that on my own.... and I'm not 100% happy yet, but I think a day at a local spring (whenever I get a break from shooting) will get it dialed the rest of the way in without having to do anything too creative.
  3. Thanks, Tim. My preference is generally not to use weights to solve a trim issue when something is already negatively buoyant. I'd like to eliminate all other options first.
  4. When using the WACP-2 in the water, it was fairly nose heavy. I can use float arms to achieve neutral buoyancy without any problems, but I was asking about trim. To bring the nose up, I need to add floats to the front end of the WACP-2. The shape of the WACP-2, and the shade knob, makes adding floats a little less straightforward than the WACP1 or a macro port. I was hoping someone who might have played with a WACP-2 might have some suggestions.
  5. I've just acquired and started experimenting with a WACP-2 for my Nikon Z6. I'm curious if anyone has any experience trimming one of these. They're super nose heavy and the shade open/close knob seems like it would preclude the use of float rings..... I've sent out a couple of emails in addition to this query and will be sure to update people with any new information. There doesn't seem to be a ton of information available about the WACP-2 yet.
  6. I'm a Tampa-based photographer and started shooting underwater almost two years ago now. I've read a bunch of information on this forum, particularly when starting, and finally decided to join it.
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