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  1. Hi everybody, here some of my latest pics from a shooting with model in the pool. They are all post processed with an infra red filter. Model : Isa Peixoto Suggestions and critics are welcome! http://www.flickr.com/photos/wistiti/sets/72157632838046853/
  2. In the evenings we switched from wide angle to macro and went hunting just off the beach in the dark sand in mere 5m depth! So here's what came along our way... Tiny beauty by mousstique, on Flickr don't touch my home!!! by mousstique, on Flickr flashing by mousstique, on Flickr ugly beauty by mousstique, on Flickr Blushing by mousstique, on Flickr snailing away by mousstique, on Flickr snailing away by mousstique, on Flickr Ice eyes by mousstique, on Flickr
  3. We were diving with Wilhelmus and Markus . I was mostly shootng w/a during the day and kept the macro lens for night dives. Markus came with us on these muck night dives. He found stuff, but not more than we did.
  4. It was like fairytale! We did one dive in the late afternoon without the sunbeams and the atmoshere was very different. The only fishies around were trout. Very beautiful but far too skittish to get decent shots with the Tokina 10-17 Here's one my partner Chris took with his 14-54 Oly lens colourful trout by mousstique, on Flickr
  5. Thanks Erwin for me it was the first time I mostly shot wide angle. I kept the macro lens for the night dives... We stayed at the Sea World Club Maumere. The place is peaceful and quiet. the bungalows bungalows by mousstique, on Flickr the busy beach lovely and deserted beach by mousstique, on Flickr just PARADISE Pulau Besar at the horizon by mousstique, on Flickr
  6. great job. I like both the first and the last one. yes on canvas it would look great
  7. I agree with the above. The hermit is great with this lens! Good job
  8. still on my to do list Erwin! your pics want me to leave on the spot
  9. We spent a week diving in Maumere. If you want the ocean for yourself this is the place to be!!! Wikipedia says this : Well judge by yourself! Pulau Besar by mousstique, on Flickr Pulau Besar-4 by mousstique, on Flickr Gosong Bone-Sunny by mousstique, on Flickr Gosong Bone-coral garden by mousstique, on Flickr Gosong Bone-close by mousstique, on Flickr Gosong Bone-sponge & brocoli by mousstique, on Flickr Underwater art by mousstique, on Flickr Sunny reds by mousstique, on Flickr Critics and Comments are warmly welcomed
  10. Love the little octopus¨! I have been at Maratua Paradise Resort back in 2006. It was brand new and we were the only 2 divers there! Great diving we had...
  11. Hello all, I decided to show you some cold water shots I spent a week in Austria during August. The 2 lakes Fernsteinsee and Samarangersee are known for their incredible viz! The Samaranger is cristal clear and covered in whitish algae which makes you float in a fairy tale. Only 4 divers at once are allowed in this little gem and touching is strictly forbidden! Ah, did I mention that the temperature hovers in between 4-8°C So here some images : Chris in the open wide open by mousstique, on Flickr playing with the beams versus the sun by mousstique, on Flickr you might have seen this already.. the famous one by mousstique, on Flickr Mikado Mikado by mousstique, on Flickr The Fernsteinsee is bigger and offered us the strangest dive ever! Due to heavy rain the conditions were incredible good....and bad. From 0 to 1m we had crystal clear water...and below we had heavy fog. Watch by yourself Chris in the mist by mousstique, on Flickr in between by mousstique, on Flickr All in all we had a great time. The hotel which owns the lakes is well equipped for divers. All you need is a good dry-suit LOL
  12. Hi Steve indeed 100% magic B) Mona
  13. Hi everybody, I spend one week diving in Hamata, southern Egypt. It was a new spot to explore and new gear to discover, like the 7-14mm wide angle lens. Find a quick trip report here Happy reading
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