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  1. PRICE REDUCED!! NOW $1850 with 2 strobes! Sony A6500 excellent condition and quality, great for photography and video. Search for reviews. Highly recommended for people looking to upgrade from a GoPro. King pelican case included. TTL Sea & Sea strobe duo YS-90dx with arm and ball joint. Using optical control with flash. Additional Sea & Sea YS-DS now included! Three camera batteries E 3.5-5.6 /pz 16-50 ozs lens 2.8/16 with ultra wide (weitwinkel) converter lens 2x 5 inch domes 1 has slight scratches can be rubbed out with product but not been a problem. Extra rubber o-rings +silicon grease Got the extra handles with quick release ball connections. 1 arm float. I have an eBay listing if this is preferred to do the transaction. Can ship on a Tuesday and a Friday. Thank you all for looking!
  2. yes, would be interested as well - looking at Costa Rica!
  3. Good morning all I live and dive in the British Virgin Islands so very lucky! I have just completed my Rescue Diver course and might do my Divemaster as an end of year goal! Looking forward to receiving hints and tips! :)
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