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  1. 8 hours ago, Barmaglot said:

    It's actually at 18mm rather than 10; this lens is what I believe is called a reverse telephoto type, and it extends as you zoom out rather than in, so it's at its longest when set to 10mm.

    Yes, you are right. I had the housing zoom ring on and couldn't see the markings on the lens and I actually had it zoomed at 18mm when it just barely fit with no extension on the port.

  2. 2 hours ago, Barmaglot said:

    The 16-50mm PZ extends when the camera is turned on and ends up basically the same length as the 10-18mm. I have a SeaFrogs Salted Line housing, and with the basic flat port, both lenses get very close to the glass. I can give you the exact measurements later today when I get home.

    Thanks, a bit of googling solved that :-), it's 52mm when powered and it extends another 7mm at 50mm, so yeah, it should fit perfectly.

  3. Yes, I have tried my 10-18 with just the port cap, no extensions and it just barely fits but only at 10mm, there is no room for zoom. It works perfectly with the 10mm extender for the full zoom range.

    I do not have it, but I just found out now that the PZ 16-50 is 52mm long when powered, so that leaves about 10mm between the lens and the port cap with no extensions.

    Just to recap what information I could gather so far about lens compatibility with the WWL-1B/1: the lens it has to be placed 5-10mm behind the flat port and it has to have a filter size no larger than 40-45mm.

    So that leaves me with the PZ 16-50 as the only option, as the Sigma would be too far from the flat port.

    Please, anybody that has more knowledge about the WWL-1B/1 correct me if I got this wrong.

  4. I have recently bought a used Easydive Leo Wi that came with a 10mm, a 30mm extender and the flat port cap. As this purchase alone emptied the bank account I've been using my A6500 with the 10-18mm lens with the flat port, of course with subpar results and I am now looking at options for a proper setup. I was considering a 160mm dome, but then the WWL-1B came across as a superior solution. Easydive sells an M67 adapter for their flat port so fitting it should be a problem and get one of the compatible lenses listed by Nauticam.

    But I'm not sure wether the whole setup will work properly, as from what I could figure out reading other threads on the forum the lens needs to be quite close to the flat port. Now, the Leo is quite deep and the camera is placed well in the back. I just tried now and the 10-18 lens fits perfectly (at 10mm) with the flat port mounted directly on housing, but this is a 63.5mm long lens while the PZ 16-50 is only 30mm long so it will end up 33mm behind the flat port. The other lens listed as compatible by Nauticam is the Sigma 19mm which is 46mm. Of course I'm open to using other lenses as well, but I'm not sure what are all the limitations on the lenses that would work with the WWL-1B as Nauticam is not very forthcoming with that information.

    It would be of great help if somebody could shed some light on what are the requirements for a lens and flat port setup to properly work with the WWL-1B or WWL-1.


  5. Hi there,

    I've started diving seriously only last summer, although I've been interested in diving for a long time - I got my first certification in 2005, but only had 10 dives until last year, since I've had another 50 open water dives and I've been passionate about photography all my life with some limited experience in stock photo.

    A couple of months ago I've bought a used Easydive Leo Wi (with a single S&S YS-60) for my Sony A6500. Now I'm reading everything that I can find about UWP as I'm figuring that I need to forget almost everything that I know about photography :-). I am also looking to properly setup my system (ports, domes, wet lenses and strobes).

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