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  1. It is difficult to take a photo of as it is small, see line next to arrow in photo.
  2. Hi I am selling my dome port for fisheye lens for the tg5/6 for an ikelite housing bought Feb 2020. the exact model can be found here https://www.ikelite.com/products/dome-port-for-olympus-fcon-t02 This port is no longer required. For transparency, the port has a very small mark which does not appear in photos and does not effect the images, as this is on the outside and is filled with water on a dive. rrp 350 looking for £160 (plus postage outside of mainland UK and PayPal fees.
  3. Hi I do not have a nauticam housing but do have an Ikelite housing fisheye lens and dome port for sale if your are interested. Listed on the site as: FS TG6 with Ikelite Housing and Dome port and fisheye lens Check out this listing if you are interested pm me.
  4. Looking for £800 for everything Excellent set up for underwater photography. I have owned this for 2 years. Includes: *Olympus TG6 Camera. I will include three batteries and a charger. * Ikelite Housing with extension trigger. Depth rated to 40m. I will include a spare o-ring. * Ikelite Dome port for ikelite housing. * Olympus Fisheye lens to attach to tg6 and for use with the dome port. This is a complete setup for underwater photography. Price includes postage in the UK. If you have any questions, please ask. I will consider splitting the Dome port and fisheye lens if anyone is interested.
  5. Hi You can use any type of desiccant, I keep the little packet you get in sometimes when you buy items. Those little white packets with packaging. I find they are always in a bag when you buy it. These work just as well as the bought ones and are free! Obviously some won’t fit into the housing but I generally keep my eye out.
  6. Well with all the comments on a 45, that's me off to buy one. I have been wondered about the best viewfinder for a while and with all the positive comments I am sold. The handy hints are also extremely helpful.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a UK diver who is discovering the money pit of underwater photography . I have been diving for over 10 years and looking at becoming more creative with my photography. Thanks Tina
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