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  1. That's a cool shot Eric!!! Can I send one from 25 years ago when I was a lot thinner? Any way, Lighthouse Restaurant, Grand Cayman.
  2. Congratulations Eric, That has got to be and awesome feeling. I think it says alot about your dedication and passion for U/W digital.
  3. I was leaning towards a lobster dinner!!!!
  4. Welcome aboard Chris, I have very fond memories of Guam. I was stationed there 1982 for about 9 months with my Batallion. I have to say that at that time boonie stomps through the jungle and trips to Telefofo falls had to be my favorite. Although walking back to base after a night in Agana and finding an awsome little white sand beach to take a swim at 1:00 am was near the top too. Everyone here has been a lot of help so I am sure you will be able to get something out of it.
  5. Good Luck James, I'm sure you are going to do a great job! I wish we could be there to see it, but alas, we must be in Grand Cayman to try out the upgrade on the SB400 that Ike was so kind to help with (and thanks to you for suggesting I post the problem). It would also have given me a chance to visit my parents there but that's another story. Please do all of us who can't make it a favor, and fill us in online as to the things you found digitaly interesting. Go gettem James
  6. I think I'm going to go ahead and send it in before the trip. Thanks Marscuba and Ike for all your help. I can't wait to get it back and start testing. Ike do you know if there is an online manual that will tell me the ins and outs of the using the SB 400? I purchase it from a friend and he gave me all the paperwork he could find but I have very little in how all the settings work. Thanks again for all your help,
  7. Ike, Do you think I would have it back by the end of the month?
  8. Do I need to send it in for the upgrade? I am leaving for Grand Cayman in June and am wondering if I should wait until I get back to have it done. How do I go about setting it up, just call Ikelite? Thanks,
  9. The housing is Ikelite and the strobe is a wopping SB400.
  10. Hi everone, I am extremely new to U/W photography and digital even more so. I have had my Nikon Coolpix 950 for about a year and a half now and I am fairly comfortable with it on land (although I don't use manual settings much). What I did notice while using it underwater was that, it would use the strobe some times when I wanted it to but not always the results I had hoped for (i.e. not enough exposure; too much exposure....). At other times, without changing any settings, the flash would not fire (even with plenty of time to cycle) or the camera itself wouldn't fire (usualy displaying a frozen image and refusing to even turn off completely). I also have trouble with TTL and using a color correction lens. Is there a process of learning underwater digital photography from step 1? I started out putting a little fake coral reef in my pool using aquarium plants and coral and trying to understand how it all should work. I am fortunate enough to have that setup to practice with but would love to know where to start. Any input is very much appreciated. We are leaving for Grand Cayman in June and I would like to have a handle on it before we go. Thanks, Nick
  11. Hi to all!!!! My name is Nick, and we are as land locked as you can get in St. Louis, MO. I have been certified since 1985 but didn't get to do a whole lot of diving until I convinced my then wife to be to take a cert. class before we went on our honeymoon. Thank God she got hooked almost as much as I am. After her very first ocean dive in Curacao (the wreck of the Superior Producer) she got back on the boat and she didn't even have to say a word, her face said it all. Shortly after we returned from our honeymoon we both joined the dive staff of a local dive operator here in the midwest who has developed an old lead mine into a dive destination of remarkable awe. Loved the diving and all the wonderful divers that I had the privledge sharing our little underground swimming hole. I think I would have ran the business quite differently though. A fellow staff member was wanting to upgrade his rig so he recently sold me his Nikon Cool Pix 950 and Ikelite housing and strobe. I finaly got to use it in Hawaii last June and had a few problems that I have yet to figure out. I look forward to learning from all of you and hearing from anyone who has some input.
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