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  1. Hi I could be interested in the YS-D2 but I'm a little confused. 2xYS-D2J for 1000usd but 2xYS-D2 (which are almost identical) for 275 usd? What justifies the price difference? Thanks
  2. Gotcha. Thanks for the great tip with the lead on the dome, that is great! I'll probably get Z330s so they're only 50g under water, I hope I won't need floats. I might need some for macro but that's ok, I've used a very heavy setup (at least 1kg underwater) for years, I'm sure it'll be fine haha! It's the 8inch dome that scared me, definitely don't want to have a floaty camera!
  3. Sorry for the multiple posts but also, how do you add weight to your camera system? Where do you attach it? Thanks
  4. Are these values while using the vacum system? So it's even worse than 1.5-2kg with an 8inch dome?
  5. Hi, I'm interested too in case raphaelgatti doesn't take them
  6. I know you said the whole package but I'll still put my offer down here in case you change your mind £180 for the case + macro port (it's worth 220gbp brand new - 320gbp with standard flat long port + macro port, and the standard flat long port is priced at £100).
  7. Do you have more info on how that carbon sequestration works with seagrass? Are you sure it's not just a transfer of carbon from air to the ocean ? If it is, it will be only temporary, ocean will become more acidic with all that co2 and as the ocean warms up, the co2 will be released in the air again. Same here for the trips and covid
  8. Yeah, Ideally there will be political change helping towards this goal. But unfortunately it is extremely slow, and complicated (for electricity for instance). We can't just expect governments to do something about it and not do anything on our end. At the scale of an individual, the best you can do is actually change your behavior: use less electricity, consume different agricultural products, and reduce your transportation footprint. If every westerner did an small effort, we'd get there with or without governments/green energies/etc. Also, "we" (westerners) destroy the planet and people with low incomes and a low carbon footprint will be the first to suffer (everything around the equator). This is very unfair, and that's why I don't really agree with the "not many people fly so it's ok as long as only us (the rich) do it". Electric cars aren't green btw. They could be if they were light, but making a 1.5ton electric/hybrid SUV is absolutely not sustainable, by the time this thing gets out of the factory, it has already the same carbon footprint of a 15 year old car with 100k miles.
  9. It's super hard to predict the future but it doesn't look very good. And unless of a technological miracle, or a disaster way worse than covid that wipes out a big chunk of the population, I don't see a drastic change coming soon. People are more conscious but it's slow... And even people change, there is a massive inertia with CO2. Even if today we completely dropped our CO2 emissions to 0 (which is impossible), 50% would still be there in 100 years, and 20-30% in 1000 years. https://cmc.ipsl.fr/ipsl-climate-models/ipsl-cm6/ You can see here that no matter what, all scenarios have the same path until 2050. And as I said, even at +2 degrees, it's a total disaster. So no matter what, by 2050/60 we're very likely to see hundreds of millions of climate migrants (because it will be 50 degrees + 100% humidity several weeks per year where they live (i.e. if you go out you die because you can't physically sweat)), unstable climate all around the world (with associated disasters, both in terms of crops being destroyed (freeze/fire) and crazy events like fllooding, heatwaves, etc.), and a lot of unpredictable stuff like Covid. I'm a positive person but honestly, unless something really special happens, I don't see how we are not doomed. It's just a matter of damage control, but there will be damage for sure. A lot of it.
  10. Same here, as guilty as the people I'm talking about, I used to travel a lot and then started reading about global warming in general and realized the scale of the problem (i.e. it's not just about turning the light off when you leave a room :D). And as I grew more conscious about it I kind of felt disappointed that no one really talked me into that. I worked with a few dive shops in Asia, and like I said in my first message, I participated to many beach clean ups, heard many rants about plastic straws etc. But never heard anyone complain about the travel industry and its impact on the ocean You're lucky, at least you have the ocean right next to you. For me it will be the train from now on, and definitely not the best dives in the world (I'm in France). But it is what it is, I made that choice, everybody is free to do what they want. And I definitely understand the selfishness of wanting to see it for yourself. I can't even guarantee myself that I won't indulge myself with one trip for the rest of my life... And I agree with you on showing this beauty through our lenses so that people can care about the impact of climate change, but as far as I am concerned, my pictures are not impactful /public enough to justify the flights So I try to convince people as I can, with other arguments. Because yes, the ocean is pretty and people should care if you tell them they're destroying it. But I think people will also start to care, even if they haven't seen the ocean, when 2 billion people have to relocate because of climate, or that entier cities/harbours get flooded because of rising sea levels (that will create interesting dive sites at least!). But it will be too late...
  11. Hi, I'm interested in your seafrog salted line case but only for the case with the macro port (I want to add the 8inch dome and have no need for the other ports or vacum system, and I already have a tray). Would you sell this separately? If so, what would be your price please? Thanks!
  12. Hi, No trying to blame anyone or pretend I'm better than anyone, just genuinely confused by the diving community/industry (especially the part that travels, not talking about people who dive locally). Most of the divers I meet tell me they care about protecting the ocean, the reefs, sharks, etc. They all have their ocean conservation tee shirts, participate to beach clean ups, and talk about conservation all the time. Yet the biggest threat to this ecosystem is global warming. You can take out all the plastic you want from your local beach, by 2100, if we're very very lucky, earth will be 2 degrees warmer and 90% of the corals will be gone. If we're not careful, it will be more than 2 degrees and 100% of the coral will be gone (with all the effects this has on the rest of the ocean). People are focused on animal rescues, plastic in the ocean, not feeding sharks on a very specific dive site, etc. But not many people care about throwing tons and tons of CO2 in the atmosphere to fly to the other side of the planet every year for a scuba dive trip? I know people also dive locally, but many people travel for their liveaboards or amazing Macro dives in Ambon/Lembeh etc. The majority of the dive industry is based on travelling, and most of it is by plane. Why are people still encouraging this? I've never seen any post or dive professional say to people to stop travelling thousands of kms for a 2 week dive holiday. It's often the opposite, you see instructors telling their clients to come again next year (I know they need to make a living, but so do people who work in the Oil & Gas industry - except those people don't pretend to be environmentalist). I feel like if you want to protect the ocean, you have to reduce your carbon footprint and do it efficiently by focusing on where you spend most. For most westerners, the efficient way to do that is by eating less meat, not driving a massive truck (not using a car at all when/if possible), not using AC to live in a freezer during summer (or heat up your to 28 degrees in the winter), and not flying to Asia (or somewhere far) every year for your amazing liveaboard holiday. If we want to limit the warm up to 2 degrees (which is already a loooot, it will fuck up most of the ecosystems we know), we need to have a global footprint of 2 tons of co2/year by 2050 (right now the global average is around 4). I'm no math expert but even if your average is 16 tons today (that's the average of an American, don't quote me on this but I think Europeans are around 10), it's going to be difficult to divide that budget by 2 while still taking flights that cost 5 tons (again that's a minimum, if you include all the effects of flying it's more than double). How do people live with that? They just think those numbers/estimates are bullshit and we're fine? That a magic piece of technology is going to come and save the planet at the very last minute, so no need to do anything? All we need to do is stop drinking in plastic straws and wear a sea shepherd tee shirt? Again, not trying to discourage any other imitative for conservation, they're all great and doing it is better than not doing anything. And I know some people just don't care, all they want is have a good time and see beautiful things. My concern is about people who say (and I'm sure they do) they care about the environment, but don't focus on the main problem we're all facing. Pfiouu that's a long post. Just wanted to share those thoughts. Feel free to insult me, tell me you're sure that I use more CO2 than you do, that my numbers are BS, that Elon Musk will save us, that we'll be dead by 2100 so it doesn't matter, etc. etc.
  13. Agree that lights aren't gonna be of much use for wide angle, unless you spend 5000usd on them (and even then it'll be way less powerfull than a z330). Lights work for macro but be careful, you might miss a few shots by scaring away subjects if you use lights. IMO even cheap strobes would do a better job for macro rather than using lights.
  14. Hi everyone! Just joined this forum, been diving for 10 years but only got interested in photography over the last 4 years. Shooting with A6500, just sold my old meikon housing and YS-01s, looking to upgrade to Z330s and a salted line :)
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