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  1. For sale: Mint-condition Nauticam NA-A7II Housing for Sony a7 Mk II, a7R Mk II, & a7S Mk II cameras. Used only three times on open water tests and meticulously maintained. This beautiful rig also includes the Backscatter AirLock Vacuum system & bulkhead upgrade, so you have visual confirmation of the vacuum seal both before and throughout the dive. This is a gorgeously built and designed housing, but unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I need to sell some gear. Priced to sell at $2,500, especially considering the additional cost of the upgrades. Feel free to message me with questions. Thanks everyone! Will be very happy to see it go to a new home where it's actually used!
  2. This Nauticam Wide Angle Port was used only three times on open water tests, and remains in perfect condition. This dome port retails on Backscatter for $1,379 -- and I'm selling it for $1,000 including shipping within the US. I'm also willing to ship outside the US at the buyer's expense. The only disclaimer is that my name is written on the handle of the carrying bag (see photo), though I suspect this could be removed with rubbing alcohol. Note: I'm also selling a similarly unused Nauticam NA-A7II Housing for Sony a7 Mk II, a7R Mk II, & a7S Mk II cameras in another listing, but figured I'd have an easier time finding buyer if I separate the components. Thanks all!
  3. I found this very small nudibranch last week on the underside of a rope in 5 feet of water. My best guess is a Lynx Phidiana -- does that look right? Nudis are very rare in Belize, so this was a real treat.
  4. Hey all! I saw the above discussion of Belize, and just wanted to throw my hat in the ring and say that I live in Belize (on Ambergris Caye), and it's a great/close/cheap-ish dive destination that should not be overlooked. Feel free to message me with questions if anyone is interested in an upcoming dive trip!
  5. Hi all! My name is Ben, I'm a cave diver living on the island of Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize. I have a few different UW camera rigs, but my newest is a macro setup built around the TG6. I look forward to sharing some images with you all and learning a lot from the community! Ben
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