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  1. Thanks you for the calculations, this is great (do you have any ressources to understand the calculations?). I feel focal is correct for the use, this is not directly comparable, but I rarely zoom the tg6 and I quite satisfied with acheive composition. This seems a reasonable minimum focus distance (we talk distance to sensor, right?) for the intended use, fish portrait of medium/large freshwater fish (crappy, pikes, trout) and "wide" shot of fish school or small critters with the environment (ex. crayfish under rocks). For narrow portraits of small fish (ex. darters/gobies) I plan to buy a 90mm macro.
  2. Hi everyone, I plan to buy an Ikelite 200DL housing for my Sony A7iii + 28 mm f2 in order to upgrade from my current olympugs TG6 setup. Ikelite offers two options, either the regular DL 8" dome port (recommended setup) or the compact 8" DL dome port (second choice). I wanted to know if anyone here have experienced both dome and if there's variation in optical quality or results. My main concern is principally linked to size and weight. All my photography is done by snorkeling rivers and stream, I wonder if the 8" dome port would end up too large or difficult to place in shallow or small rivers. Cheers,
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a canadian fish biologist and researcher since many years. I recently "took the plunge" (pun intended) to the practice of snorkeling and underwater photography. I do snorkeling in freshwater streams and river, in order to picture fish and invertebrates. I have some years of experience in photo outside the water, but it's only been a year of IW photography. For now I use a Olympus TG6. I joined WetPixel to seek advices from other underwater photographers, especially in freshwater streams. Here's a couple of my recent pictures, and there's more on my Flickr page Link: Step back by Olivier Morissette Ready to dive by Olivier Morissette Hi there by Olivier Morissette
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