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  1. This is a pelican Air 1605, it contain an Aquatica housing, sony A7III, three lenses, macro port, 4inch dome and 8inch dome. So far I'm very happy with the setup and trekpaks were very easy to install. I generally don't fly, so I don't have experience with it on airline.
  2. I use a Pelican Air 1605 to store and transport my kit, which include a A7RIII housing, macro port, 4inch dome, 8inch dome, camera, lenses and other things. It is a model without wheels but I don't need them as I don't fly or walk long distance with it.
  3. Yes, email Aquatica support directly, you will not be dissapointed. You can even write in French, they are Montréal-based, so also French speaking.
  4. Thanks you for sharing this @lambee01 that's a lovely picture, great image quality! I saw other people acheiving great results with small domes and 20mm prime.
  5. Totally in accordance with Isaac suggestion, I also revolve around those parameters, adjusting with fish size and speed. I think you'll reach your target with the proposed f8, 1/500, and don't hesitate to decrease speed (ex. 1/400) if you see good sharpness, it will decrease even more ISO and improve your final image. Good luck!
  6. I bought an 8" inch Aquatica dome from @PeteAtkinson, communication and process were great, shipping fast and well packed. Great transaction!
  7. I routinely use a Canon 8-15mm fisheye with my Sony A7III and an Aquatica 4" glass dome. I really like the setup as I mostly use it in small streams where I need to cramp my camera between rocks to get close enough of critters, it will be impossible with a larger dome. The downside is corner softness, which really is up to your preference. Here's an example of an uncropped crayfish picture. Of course, the cropped version don't really show the softness.
  8. I suggest to contact directly Aquatica support. I wanted to use a lens that was no on the chart and contacted them, they determined the best extension for me!
  9. My Aquatica manual for A7RIII housing is quite clear on the maintenance of handles, here is the text; "Periodically remove the hand grips for storage and transportation to avoid having the thread of the attachment bolts fuse on to the housing. Unscrew, clean and lubricate the bolts with a small amount of WD-40 or Zinc-based lubricant."
  10. I always had amazing support from Aquatica, have you tried to reach to them to got some pointers on your setup?
  11. I asked the question couple of weeks ago, here the post if you wish to look at the answers. Spoilers: lots of diverging opinions
  12. The price hike is quite steep. It may be of interest to people in your situation, but recently I had the opportunity to talk frenquently with the folks in Aquatica. They told me they are working on an extension ring to use Nauticam ports/extension rings on Aquatica housings. It could offer a smoother passage to another brand, and you could keep your port/extensions.
  13. Congratulations for the image, really pleasing and soothing sight of the kelp forest.
  14. I would go with vinegar before CLR (calcium lime rust) which remain a more powerful chemical.
  15. Exactly! If you enable the "lense correction" (I don't know the exact term, my version is in French), the software will crop the picture and stretch the image to restore straight line (compressing the center and stretching the edge). As it seems a good idea for rectilinear lenses, with fisheye this process is extreme and will induce important softness in corners. Turn this off on those pictures and you will see an improvement (and a totally different perspective).
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