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  1. Hello all! I own a Fantasea FA6500 housing with the FML Flat Port 34 and a DYRON SWAL13 wide lens. Unfortunately the DYRON screw ring is much like the Inon uwl-h100 type 1, which mean it won't fit my housing's port. Is there any adaptor I can purchase for the DYRON SWAL13 for it to have a screw ring like the Inon uwl-h100 type 2? just for the understanding of what I'm talking about: http://www.inon.jp/customer/discontinued/lens/uwlh10028m67/top.html with the screw ring of the Inon uwl-h100 type 2 I can attach my Fantasea Bayonet System adaptor and use it as my wide angle wet lens but now it just sits on my shelf at home. Thank you all
  2. Port is sold Strobe and tray price reduced to 180$
  3. Hey which AOI UWL-400 is it? the Q or the F? and what is the price for it thank you
  4. auto white balance. can I set the preview to a different white balance?
  5. As do I, but when I'm taking a picture using my strobe the colors turns red on the preview but when I view it on the computer it has all of the colors. it happens only when I'm taking UW pictures with a strobe. How did you managed to cancel it?
  6. I use the same method at home it's in a dry sealed plastic box and when I'm out with it I use a big cooler for the rig and in the pockets I put all of the cables and the lens cover etc. it helps to protect the rig while on the boat and after the dive I just fill it with fresh water and let the rig sit in it until I finish washing all of the diving gear
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