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    Sony A6300
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    Fantasea FA6500
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    INON D-2000s
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    ULCS arms+clamps+tray, Fantasea ucl-09F, fantasea fa-3 led strobe trigger
  1. Condition: Used - Like New (Looks new, a few tiny cosmetics which doesn't show in pictures) Price: 280$, shipment included in the price. I got it with my previous camera and it won't fit my current housing. I haven't used it since I don't really like wide-angle photography. Info from: bluewaterphotostore
  2. I recommend you to check out Brent Durand youtube channel, it helped me a lot with strobes positioning and camera settings
  3. I was just about to ask the same question. My INON D-2000s died last week (I put it for inspection but I'm pretty sure it's not repairable) and I encountered this strobe. it has focus light, manual mode and 0.85 recharge time according to the company stats which is very tempting. I guess it's rivals are the INON s2000 and the Sea&Sea ys-01 solis?
  4. Hey all I have a sony a6300 and Fantasea housing and up until now I used only the 16-50 lens for UWP. I bought myself the Fantasea ucl-09f +12.5 wet lens and I found myself loving more and more the macro photography, but, I still love to take pictures of other things (my buddy, maybe a stingray or guitarfish etc.) Which leads me to my 2 questions: 1. Will this lens (sony 30mm macro) fit to be kind of all-around lens for UWP or it won't be good for things other than macro? 2. If I'll put the macro wet lens on this lens, it'll give me a higher magnification or will it ruin the picture? Thanks!
  5. Hey all I recently purchesed AOI Flip Adapter for my Fantasea FA6500 housing. It's suppose to fit the port but for some reason it's not (FML Flat Port 34). Does anyone with the same port and adapter had the same problem? Is it just me not knowing how to put it on the port? Thanks to the helpers
  6. I'm its second owner, still brand new. bought it because I thought I'll use it for wide angel angel but I came to realize I like macro more than wide. 2 lens covers, never used and always kept in a safe place. 220$ + free shipping worldwide
  7. I'm using the 16-50 lens (kit lens). If I'll use the bayonet system it means I'm limited only to Fantasea lenses (I think) and if I'll use the flip I'm possibly blocking a position for my strobe. If that really is the case then I'm going with the bayonet system I guess thank you kindly!
  8. Hey all So I'm debating between 2 Macro wet lenses and I can't really understand what's the difference between them: 1. Fantasea Line UCL-09F +12.5 Super Macro Lens -320$ 2. Fantasea Line UCL-06LF +12 Macro Lens -220$ What makes this 100$ difference and is it worth it? Also, should I buy the Fantasea Bayonet system for the lens or the AOI M67 Flip Adapter? My housing is Fantasea FA6500 Thanks to the helpers
  9. Hey all 1. Flex-Arm double lens holder: new-unused, selling because it doesn't fit my current arms (ultralight arms). -60$ 2. DYRON SWAL13 wide lens: used (I'm the second owner) in excellent shape, been in water a few times but mostly kept wrapped in safe place. selling because I don't use it and it doesn't fit my Fantasea housing. -250$ 3. Flex-Arm GoPro tray with handles and flex arms adaptors, new wasn't used once. -50$ 4. Ikelite Tray with Dual Release Handles with one Ikelite Ball Mount for Quick Release Handle- used in good condition, comes without the screws. -80$ open to offers, shipment on buyer expense.
  10. so what does that mean? I'll get a lower FOV than 120 degree?
  11. so this is also kind of a dilema of me. I have a Sony a6300 with fantasea housing and I just love macro but the kit lens (16-50) isn't enough. I'm trying to figure out what's better- buying the sel30m35 or buying a diopter and shoot with the kit lens. I'm guessing the big con of the sel30m35 is the same as with all the dry macro lenses- I'm loosing versatility, I won't be able to take pictures of a stingray swimming or things like that...
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