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  1. Thanks for the info Dave, Hope it and your good self remain healthy for a long time! Safe diving!
  2. Backscatter gave me excellent support and I have a replacement mini strobe. Really fast and efficient service from the Backscatter team. Fingers crossed for trouble free operation in the future.
  3. I've had the same issue. First strobe died just over a year old had only done I'd guess 20 dives. Replacement was a new strobe provided April 22 FOC, I'm based in the UK and shipped back to the US. Quick replacement service. Replacement unit failed on the 3rd dive. Have just posted back today and I am anticipating a 3rd unit via warranty. Great kit when they work and good support from Backscatter though I'll be £50 down on shipping costs and without the unit for a few weeks. Hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky for me. I would have thought the replacement from April 22 would have any updated circuit but if not hopefully the next one will.
  4. For ref the port is still going strong and has been to 50M with no issue.
  5. Hi My Hugycheck pump failed. I've ordered a pump to fix it but need a reliable backup solution. I have found that there are very capable manual pumps available for less than £5. One of these from ebay only requires me to cycle the pump 7 times to get to vaccuum with an empty housing. Hose not required and pump fits the valve on the housing perfectly. 1Set Air Pump Suction Pump Manual Pumping For Vacuum Compression Bags NT | eBay Safe diving Grant
  6. Hi just for clarity it is an o ring that seals the dome on this build too. The epoxy is used to strengthen the inner to outer join I made as the port fits inside the extension ring. The dome can be removed and new one fitted if it gets scratched. It is is a thick green O ring that makes this seal.
  7. Hi I wanted to share a 4 inch dome build. My housing is a hugyfot D7000. A recent second hand purchase that came with a 7 inch dome. If anyone has fitted a D7500 in a D7000 housing I'd be very interested to hear! May be a future project for me and looks possible - better fit than a D7200. I was able to use a 4 inch ROV dome and an extension ring to build a dome port. Cost all in was circa £60 and I have also purchased two spare domes -£15 each. 5 min change. I'm very pleased with the result and have dived to 30M + with no issues and am very confident it will be fine to 50M. I'm using with a tokina 10-17mm lens and results look to be good - I just need to practice my CFWA - strobe placement is my challenge at the mo. Parts ROV dome port - ref 1Set Optical PC Dome Cover 110 Dome Cover Underwater Robot Camera Dome Cover 1000 Withstand Voltage|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress Hood ref 49mm 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm Screwed Flower Petal Sunshade Lens Hood For Nikon Canon Sony Fuji Olympus DSLR Camera|Camera Lens Hood| - AliExpress the 82MM one - need to saw off the threaded area. This is dome is claimed to be OK to 1000M! I'm happy with the quality. Extension ring - I cut down a surplus ring I got with my second hand housing. made sure the tokina 10-17mm got close - within a few mm of the dome. Method Cut the extension ring with a hacksaw to the required length. the extension rings from Hugyfot taper inside which is helpful when forming the aquasure gasket seal. Machine down the inner diameter of the extension ring. Not too thin. Cut the ROV dome ring - in my case about the position of the upper o ring. File the remaining ROV alloy down to fit inside the extension ring. Power file was used for all this work. Fit the ROV port into the extension ring I used aquasure to form a permanent gasket. I had a tight fit but the glue filled the voids and taper area so i was confident in a air/water tight gasket. Use marine epoxy to produce a strong ring at the top of the join with the extension ring. Use marine epoxy to form a strong filler bead in the inside edge. All in this gives 3 layers of protection/seal. You may have the ability to do a build that keeps the ROV port gasket but I did not manage that. I adapted a hood - had to drill slight indents so that the bolts can still be accessed for dome change if needed. Had to cut all fins. Glued into position with marine epoxy JB weld.. Made some small fins to retain a lens cover in the water - cut plastic and screwed into the ROV 'ears' see description - Type 3 ROV dome assy purchased. Results Before the hood was fitted with hood Hope this of interest. For my second hand SLR this was a cost effective option to get a 4 inch dome port. I guess a similar build would be possible with other housings. Wish I had taken more in progress shots. Safe diving!
  8. Hi I'm based in Scotland and have been diving for 30 years. Been taking pics underwater nearly that long too and have recently purchased my first SLR second hand. Like making and modifying my gear and can share a custom 4 inch dome build just completed for my Hugyfot housing. Camera kit I have Nikon D7000 Sony RX100 TG6.
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