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  1. I also have a 8-9" acrylic dome. I utilize over/under splits with it all the time. In the beginning, I did not have water droplet issues applying a little spit before dives. Now spit does not work. Like you, I found the potato did not work at all on acrylic. I know Rain-X is a no-no for acrylic and I would never use. As acrylic ages, guessing this causes the drops to gather on the small unseen crevices. I'm curious though if buffing with Novus 1 would help that (?) Recently, I found a product that will not hurt acrylic and works fairly consistently and as long as you apply it before every dive: Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for dive mask. https://www.diversdirect.com/p/sea-gold-scuba-mask-defog?gclid=CjwKCAjwoNuGBhA8EiwAFxomA3t7gvbuqpZGFXOk7FstFegBmL0DSkIjyhR6T8kDvgW1ej4pFDf_hRoClgoQAvD_BwE Give it a try and let me know if it works for you. Other than that, retailers keep telling me you have go with glass. I love glass, but that is an expensive test for consistent split shots. Sea&Sea MDX housing Canon 5d MarkIV Sigma 15mm fisheye
  2. Hello all, I'm a diver/photographer on Tavernier Key, Florida Keys. I've been at it for about ten years now. I started out shooting with water housings when I lived in Hawaii, honing my water photography skills at Pipeline on the Northshore, chasing ocean shots inside the famed barrel. It was a good training ground that still serves me today, but many housing later I now prefer the slower pace of shooting the reefs and marine life in the Florida Keys, while bringing awareness of what is really happening the the reef system down here on a regular basis. Looking forward to learning and sharing better technique, tips and equipment suggestions on this most excellent forum. Best, Cody
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