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  1. Thanks Phil, I wondered what that was! I’m pretty much a noob to the Nauticam line.
  2. For those with the WWL-1B lens, and dive cold water, how do you release the blue bayonet mount latch. I find it’s almost impossible to get fingers on the latch under the WWL-1B aluminum float with thick liners and rubber dry gloves, especially when connected to the port. It’s a bit easier when stored on a caddy. The end of a bolt snap can be used to pull that latch back, but are there any other ideas?
  3. Been scheduled for a trip to Chuuk for a couple years which has been pushed off several times, Hoping to get to go one day! In the mean time, we're continuing to dive Seattle Puget Sound every week and hopefully get up to Canada soon.
  4. Anyone have recommendations for a good print service for u/w prints? There's a lot out there but I'm not looking for large format prints.
  5. Great thread! I actually started with a borrowed Nikonos around 1985 or so, and around 1998, dabbled with a Sea & Sea Motomarine 35 film camera. Finally, the first real kit was 2013 Sony RX100 MKI, Ikelite housing, 2x YS-D1 strobes, focus light, a Nauticam CMC-1 close-up lens, and a Kraken wet wide angle lens, all purchased over a period of time. The RX100 is great with 20MP and manual controls and has stood up to almost 8 years of diving Seattle and travel. For an entry level, it's really been a fantastic camera, but it's getting time to upgrade!
  6. Indeed on both previous two points. I already have a CMC-1, strobes, and arms/floats, so that cuts down on some $$$. Started adding up housing, port, WWL-1, and flash trigger, then add camera and lens. Not the entry level kit for sure!
  7. After a lot of reading, I’m starting to think about the A7C, which seems like a great step up to full frame, yet still maintain a smaller size and leverage existing strobes, etc. With the newer camera, looks like Nauticam is the only available housing at this time, but I’m familiar with “get what you pay for” concept.
  8. @ChrisRoss Thanks! That makes sense.
  9. Following this thread, I had a couple relevant questions with the A7C/NA-A7C. 1) The 37165 N100 port seems to be the proper port with the FE28-60 kit lens, is that correct? 2) I see some reference to issues with firing the S&S strobes using the NA flash trigger. Is TTL the way to go? I have a set of YSD1s that I'd like to avoid replacing of possible.
  10. Thanks! Interests are all over the place. In Seattle, macro/close-ups is the norm with our green water, but with nice viz, wider angle is really nice. Then a lot of wide angle in blue water. Flexibility is key. @ChrisRoss Agree on the system, I'm not locked to Sony, but looking for the next logical step up that would also give some image quality improvement over my RX100 M1.
  11. I've been diving an RX100 MKI, with Ike housing and 2x YS-D1 strobes since 2013 and I'm finally looking to upgrade. I've been waiting to see if Sony was going to announce the follow-on for the A6600, but there doesn't seem to be anything forthcoming, so I'm looking for some suggestions. I do travel a bit, so I wanted to avoid the bulk of a full DSLR and housing, while still getting a nice bump in quality. Wet lens have been nice, but I'm not adverse to going with more traditional ports and lenses.
  12. Been stalking this forum for a while but finally registered. Been doing U/W photography since the RX100 MKI came out, so I'm still shooting that, with an Ike housing and YS-D1 strobes, here in the Seattle/Puget Sound area.
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