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  1. I semi started laying out, zeagle stiletto wrapped the fins inside, I will wrap the hoses inside too. My wetsuit is a shorty and that can go in the clothes bag. I measured and top to bottom the bcd is 26" I think I can fold it up a little and make it shorter but I don't want to kink the hoses or am I being parinoid?
  2. I'm going to Mexico, I plan to do caves and sharks
  3. I am definitely going to map it out on the floor and see what space I need
  4. I am looking for suggestions for a good carry on to hold my bcd, fun, full face mask and camera. I went to the dive store and the lady said just get a regular bag, a "scuba" labeled bag makes it a target. Any suggestions? I will have a other bag for clothes but it can fit under the seat
  5. I'm looking for a dome port for my Nauticam NA-D7200. Anyone have one they are willing to sale
  6. I was looking at fisheye lenses. But couldn't decide between the Tokina and the 10.5 Nikkor
  7. I have a nauticam housing for my D7100, I want to use a 20mm 2.8 lens. I was looking on both Zen and Nauticam ports page and neither of them have a port listed for the 20mm. Do I need to get another lens or is there a dome port that would work for that lens I can use?
  8. I'm looking for a housing for a Nikon D7100. Also would like a dome too and lights. Does anyone have anything?
  9. I'm interested in the nikon d300 and the housing. How much would it be to ship to USA?
  10. Who did you buy your insurance thru? I'm going in November and need to do this
  11. Also I feel like such an idiot, when I read "set your camera to manual" I immediately thought use my manual lenses. I have a couple zeiss manuals that I use from time to time
  12. What housing and strobes did you use? Also thanks for the Tokina tip, what kind of dome did you have also?
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