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  1. Thanks ChrisRoss and pooley, i'll change up the settings and see how it goes thanks
  2. Trying to figure out what is going wrong, I'am using a SeaLife 0.75x wide angle convertion lens with a DC1200 with two strobes. The problem, all of my pictures are turning out blurry, ill remove the lens and switch to another lens and everything is fine. So what i'am not sure about is if i need to be changing some of my settings when switching to the 0.75 lens or if this is something else. I'll attach some of the photos Thanks
  3. Hello from Nova Scotia, just starting out with my first underwater camera, a SeaLife DC1200. Been diving since 1995 and a few years ago sold off my twin 120's and tec gear. then moved over to vintage gear and never looked back happy to be here Dave
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