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  1. Had a great experience buying an Inon Z-240 from @Kraken de Mabini. Really helpful communication and photography advice from an expert to a novice (me). Strobe works perfectly, already used on eighteen dives with no issues.
  2. Thanks all, this is very helpful. I hadn't considered the difference in color temperature (though it seems there are color-temp-changing diffusers available for many strobes, Inon included). I think I'll look for a second used Z-240 or a used Z-330 depending on price and what's available.
  3. What's the general consensus on mixing strobe models and brands? It seems strobes are most commonly purchased in pairs, but I'm working my way up and currently have just one Inon Z-240 (thanks @Kraken de Mabini). When shooting wide it's clear I'll need a second strobe. Should I only consider another Inon Z-240, or would any strobe of equivalent or higher power be acceptable? What would be the downside(s) to mixing it with a Sea & Sea, Ikelite or a Z-330?
  4. Hello from Boulder, Colorado! I only started diving a couple years ago but quickly got interested in UW photography. I'm finally upgrading from a budget action cam to an Olympus E-PL10 in a Backscatter housing. Looking forward to learning from y'all.
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