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  1. I have purchased a gear at an agreeable price. Thanks to those that answered.
  2. Thanks for posting photos. I will think about what I want to do.
  3. This company is in the same city where I live. What exact product did you order? Thanks, Mark
  4. Hi Eransalah, Thanks for your offer, but with shipping from Israel and paying import duty it would be almost the same price buying it new in the US.
  5. Hi Josh. It would be great to see a photo. Thanks, Mark
  6. Hi, Looking to purchase a 12-40mm zoom gear for the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 pro lens. Thanks
  7. Long shot but just wondering if you still have and are looking to part with the Oly 12-40 with zoom gear?



  8. I had considered the Olympus 30 but in most of the reviews I read, the Panasonic 30mm seemed a better choice. Mainly because the Olympus has a shorter working distance than the Panasonic and is a shorter lens that further magnifies this inside the port. According to Nauticams ports chart, neither the Olympus or Panasonic play well with wet lenses. Good points about the lens topside, I had not considered the focus stacking benefits and also it would be an Olympus lens on an Olympus body.
  9. Thanks so much Chris. Great recommendations.
  10. Hi all. I have read the content on here regarding these two lenses and need help making a decision and what to get. I have the 60mm macro and want a macro lens that I can get closer to the subject in unclean water. I have read that the 45mm has issues focusing and the 30mm you have to get close to focus at 1-1. Also looking at a wet lens for the 60mm. I was thinking the CMC1 or CMC2? Camera is an Olympus M1 mk3. Thanks
  11. Darn, I just purchased one of those...lol
  12. I am very interested in the wide angle set up if it is still available after you sell the housing.
  13. Yes, Wolflgangs set up with the 8-15 is awesome, but as you say, it is expensive. Thanks for clarification that if I go with the DP100 - N85 I will not be able to use it with this set up later. Thanks so much for your direction.
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