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  1. I found this little crab under a starfish at Blue Heron Bridge in South East Florida, USA at the weekend. It is around 5mm or so in size. Any ideas of the species? Thanks Mark
  2. It worked great. The rear has 4 parts that stay together with velcro. Once in the water I tucked the cover inside my wetsuit as I don't have a pocket. Putting it back on was a challenge at first until I learned not to unfasten the top part and just stretch it over the lens like a regular cover, the fasten the lower part. May be difficult with gloves.
  3. Hi TxAgs92, The strobes are great but I upgraded to Retra, so no longer need them.
  4. Strobes are in great condition and have never flooded. The set comes with spare o rings, 4 diffusers, ball mounts, grease and a spare cap. $850.00
  5. I will be using this on a trip in two weeks time. I will let you know how it works.
  6. Thanks for your help everyone. I am thinking that the option below may be the best choice?
  7. Looking to get input on a flash trigger to operate HSS with Retra Pro x. Camera is an Olympus EM1 Mk3 in a Nauticam housing. As far as I can tell, UW technics and Turtle make flash triggers for my setup. I believe the turtle one can be used in manual. Not sure about the UW Technics? Does anyone have any advice on these or any other product that I can use to HSS the strobes in manual mode with my set up? Thanks
  8. A great start to be able to take your TG6 underwater. Included in this package is: 1, Olympus PT 059 housing and two spare o rings 2, Nauticam Left and Right Tray with tripod holes, 2 strobe mounting balls and the tray insert without tripod holes 3, Backscatter M52 Air Lens (this was only used once) 4, AOI Dual Fiber Optic Cable with Sea & Sea Ends (for use with the backscatter M52 5, AOI UMG-01 LCD Magnifier for Olympus Housings 6, Two trigger extensions for the housing 7, Alexey Zaytsev TG6 underwater book 8, Padded Camera Bag I have upgraded my camera, hence the sale. The tray and housing went on 2, 1 week trips and has seen the most use of this great gear. The other items have only been used once or are still new. It would cost close to $1,500 to purchase this gear new. Selling for $850.00. More photos are available upon request. Thanks for looking.
  9. I have purchased a gear at an agreeable price. Thanks to those that answered.
  10. Thanks for posting photos. I will think about what I want to do.
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