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  1. Hi all, i have a canon c200 nauticam housing for sale, in perfect condition, was bough as a replacement housing in case number one had any trouble, and used once only for testing, its pristine, im selling the same items offered by nauticam which has it priced at 13,176 usd and backscatter and bluewaterphoto has it listed at 10,136 usd due to this prices, i have decided to sell mine at an amazing price of 7,500 usd im also willing to bring it personally to anyone located at the us, and will cover the travel expenses myself, if you agree on just shipping, ill cover it too. Im a professional photographer who has done more than 20 years of topside work, and also PADI MSDT 283730, my name is Juan Arellano and my instagram feed is @imaginesharks i am very well known in my country, (Colombia) as i have shot most of the celebrities here, including the worldwide known reggaeton singer maluma (i just mention this as an extra security for the buyer on my reputation) I have been working at malpelo (a famous island for sharks and underwater life in the pacific of Colombia) diving and filming for https://www.parquesnacionales.gov.co/portal/en/ with @biodiversityconservationco (instagram) and https://www.fundacionmalpelo.org/ with my dear friend @sandrabessudo (instagram) who is the director of fundacion malpelo, i have also worked at the @mvwhiteholly of @seashepherd at revillagigedo islands as a security diver for an expedition there just before pandemic lockdown started, i can share with you any contacts to these people so you can cross check the references and my reputation. Im attaching the pictures of the housing for your consideration, it comes with everything shown in the pictures. Also, feel free to ask for a video, higher resolution pics, a live video call, or any other questions you might have about this deal! Many Thanks
  2. With acrylic, i have found the 3 steps chemical, a great solution, glass is another whole thing though
  3. Hi,, im heading top indonesia soon and would love recommendations, many thanks, by the way, as per your video, raja looks amazing
  4. Hi all, my Name is Juan Arellano, i have been for the most part of my life a topside image creator, but got tired of the industry, and being a diving teacher, i decided to mix both expertise and got into underwater image creation, you can check some of y stuff @imaginesharks my instagram account! i have also a nauticam canon c200 housing for sale and i understand i have to post a couple times before i can place a classified, is this right? thanks for the help
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