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  1. Hi John, unfortunately I don't think so. I was looking at your post and the front glass looks too small. I'm looking for the Super Wide Port so the front glass is probably 6 inches across or more. Thanks so much for asking though! Heather
  2. That was awesome, Thanks for sharing! I was so taken in by the steady slow shooting, great color, and mixture of wide and close shots that I didn't even realize it some of it was slow motion until reading the comments!
  3. If by chance you have an old used Gates SWP25B Fathom Imaging Super Wide Angle Port laying on a shelf not being used anymore, would you consider selling it to me? Thanks,
  4. I don't know about a specific shade of white and/or whether the brand of camera would matter to the question. But, WB on my video housing is not doable with one hand so I've never been able to use a slate and have always relied on finding some sand or other "white 'ish" object. When I saw a couple on our 2019 trip with white fins, I was like, that's the answer! Bought a pair a year ago and finally had a chance to use them just a few weeks ago. For my rig, it has worked like a charm! It didn't hurt that the fins worked so well (out swam my husband without meaning too on the first dive with them, getting them on/off is so easy, etc.), my husband bought a pair the week we got back to town!
  5. I agree with SwiftFF5 in that it can be difficult to grab a still from video. There are just so many factors that have to be right with the video for a single frame to be "photo quality". This is just my 2 cents, think about what it is it you want the photos or video for? I use my video to show all my friends and family who don't dive what it's like to dive - the motions and sounds of underwater, fish and critter behavior, and when lucky what it's like being in the middle of a large school of fish or a dramatic close-up flyby from a turtle, spotted eagle ray, or the like. As much as I love looking at the amazing photos folks can take, I enjoys the movement of the video. Now that being said, the video camera I use in a Gates housing, lets me switch to photo mode with the single push of a button. However, I also figured out pretty quickly that I'm not as skilled at photos as I am at video... Hope that helps with your search - Good Luck!
  6. I understand the policy and have seen it on other forums as well. I believe it is a good idea. I will endeavor to do my part by finding a thread or two I can add value too (my video skills are definitely only recreational). However, I'd like to buy from a member here if someone has the discontinued lens I'm looking for laying on a shelf. Hopefully, I'm not abusing the policy by getting in my 3 posts so I can ask.
  7. Hello all, Well, I shoot underwater video for my own enjoyment, friends, and family, and love the system I've been using since 2010. The problem is I'm looking for a lens that Gates discontinued awhile back. So, I figured this would be the place to see if anyone has one laying around they'd sell me since I'm guessing most folks have probably updated their systems at least once if not several times since 2010 . And, if I decide to upgrade at some point, this definitely seems to be the place to learn about current equipment and techniques! Thanks for such a wonderful forum!
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