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  1. Please look at the website for Lembeh Resort. They say they have permission for "in house quarantine" You must arrive by Singapore Airlines. I had reservation at a different resort at Lembeh when this started and I am hoping to get there this year
  2. go online to Entry requirements for Costa Rica. It explains the procedure to get your QR Code. I bought my insurance through Sagicor.
  3. Hello

     Is this PT 14 housing still available?

  4. Just back from two weeks in Costa Rica. Playas del Coco. No prior Covid test is required, but you must fill out a travel form and buy insurance to cover possible medical expenses. A covid test is required before return to USA. This can be done at the airport.
  5. Hi I am Brian MacPhail. Been diving since 1956. Built first underwater housing in 1962, Argus C3. No light meter, no flash
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