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  1. Here are a few Hawaii sites I recommend. Big Island: Night dive with the Manta's is awesome. We did it two nights in a row and loved it. There is a site right by the Honokohau Small Boat Harbor where a Tiger likes to hang out. That was fun. Lanai: The Cathedrals (more than one) is a lot of fun. You can get both wide and macro shots there. Maui: The Mala Pier is awesome. We did this one once as a shore dive and once as a boat dive. I prefer from the boat, but that is because I'm not a fan of dragging my camera gear over the rocks. There is something for everyone here, LOTs of turtles and quite a few Nudis. Five caves is another good one from the shore. We head to Oahu and Kaui in 2 days, so I will update I get back.
  2. Reduced to $2,500. There is a minor blemish in the port that can be felt with your fingernail but not your finger that I didn't see before Port image 1 Port image 2
  3. I have a full wide-angle setup minus lights that I'd like to see if anyone is interested in. I am fortunate enough to have just gotten a Sony a1 and placed an order for a new housing. No issues with this gear at all. I don't have an exact count, but this kit has less than 100 dives on it. It has never been flooded. There are some minor surface blemishes on the housing but nothing structural. The housing has never been flooded and the vacuum pump and indicator can be seen in the images. I'd prefer to sell it all as a set but am willing to discuss breaking it up. The items included are below. Camera - Sony a6400 Lens - Sony 16mm f/2.8 (SEL16f28) Lens Adapter - Sony 10mm Fisheye Converter Lens Adapter - Sony ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) Converter for 16mm Pancake Lens Camera Accessories - 2 Sony a6400 Batteries Housing - Nauticam NA-6400 Housing - Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve II Port - Nauticam N85 Sony E-Mount 4.33 Fisheye Dome Port Images of the kit can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/9YnW2SI (I made the images too large for the forum to post them in here) Images taken with this kit can be seen on my site here: https://www.jonathangardnerstudios.com/portfolio/underwater Originally paid $4,040 USD for the kit. Looking for $3000, a 25% discount. OBO
  4. Unfortunately, not really. While I do get more total sales from selling prints, I see more activity from my stock photos.
  5. Best of luck. You are moving here to the PNW at the right time of the year. I know you are not hanging up your wet suit, but you are going to need a dry suit when you get here.
  6. Hello I'm Jonathan Gardner from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I am a Landscape and Wildlife Photographer, and diver of course. My current underwater rig is the Sony a6400 with the 16/f2.8 in a Nauticam housing. Above the water I use the Sony a1 and Sony a7RIV and hope to get them into the water this year. You can find my images on my site.
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