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  1. I am interested in the NA N120 140 mm Optical Glass Fish Eye Dome port
  2. For about a year now I have been using a canon 5d MK III in a 5DSR nauticam housing with the 8.5 inch acrylic dome. I have only ever shot ambient light with my 8-15mm. I love my fisheye and want to keep it, but would like to try other lenses aswell as upgrade the camera. I use a gopro for video I need something that will do well in low light and have good stills/video capabilities. I am open to using a strobe or video light if it's not too bulky. The size of my current setup isnt a problem for me. I enjoy shooting divers, turtles, fish, sharks, Mantas, and reef landscapes and close up coral. Currently I am considering the Canon R5 or Sony A7c. The features of the R5 appeal to me but the A7c would be really nice for its compact size. Another option would be to upgrade my housing for use with the 5d MK IV for the cost of about $1000 What setup would you recommend for a professional freediver?
  3. I have the 5D-RS with the 5D MK III. I am thinking about upgrading to the 5D MK IV. How have your dives been going? Have you found a need for the upgrade kit?
  4. Aloha, I am Elijah Aasand From Hawaii. I have been learning about photography (especially underwater) for about a year and a half now. I am a competitive freediver so I take most of my photos while holding my breath. Currently I am using a Canon 5d Mark III and 8-15mm lens. My housing is a Nauticam NA-5DSR with the 8.5 inch acrylic dome. I am excited to learn and contribute to this community.
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