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  1. Thanks mate! I'm using a Sony A6600 + 10mm - 18mm lens in a Nauticam Housing with 2 x WeeFine Smart 6000 video lights. Yes getting things steady is the hardest apart from keeping things in focus. Hope this helps, Edward
  2. Hey All! Love the tips and tricks on this forum. Recently started shooting video, what do you think?
  3. Yes I do and I’m using the 10-18mm lens.
  4. Really good read, thank you. I just got a Sony A6600 and the housing has no option to add a focus ring for the lens I am using so I’m forced to us AF, having issues with hunting so going to try a Centre focus spot and map a lock focus button and try keep to f8 as much as possible, hopefully that will help.
  5. Hey Chris, Yes in fact I was considering that option but once I release, the AF starts hunting to keep focus. I'm also considering mapping Focus Hold or switch to MF after focusing. Problem being, as you swim towards / away from the subject you would lose focus. Going to try some more settings tomorrow as hard to test on land since there is less going on versus underwater (fish / bubbles / particles). Thanks for your help :)
  6. Hey, Just got into the hobby and new setup with a Nauticam A6600, Sony A6600 with a 10-18mm lens. I took it on a test dive today shooting video (4k/30fps) and trying to figure out how to avoid the Sony's focus hunting all the time. The lens I'm using does not have a manual focus gear available for the housing so not sure how to solve this as I would use MF if there was the option. Sample: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MQsCmlrhcJzxe7WjOyFRkEKuxJoYP49U/view?usp=sharing I set the focus to centre instead of wide as I was worried it would start to focus on other objects but the hunting is driving me mad. I'm going to test focusing normally and then using something like Focus Hold mapped to button to lock the focus, but this has it's own issues since if I move or the object does, then I cannot adjust. Any tips would really help! TIA
  7. Hello from Malta! I'm Edward Mallia, just got into the hoby with a Nauticam A6600 and Sony A6600 + 10-18mm lens. Looking forward to getting some good video of all the wrecks here.
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