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  1. Hi Frank, I worked in plastic injection molding for a few years. The most common resin we used was polypropelyene and it melts to an injectable state at about 230F. Some higher and some lower. If you live in an industrial area you may be able to find a molding shop (ie automotive sub supplier) who would be willing to give you a sample. They may offer a sample of "re-grind" which has the same properties as virgin material. In My day we paid about 89 cents for a pound. I myself would rather not go back into an injection molding shop again..... too many years, too much lost hair. I did experiment with using it to do a simple repair by heating it in an old teflon pan. The stuff has no adhesive properties but will "lock" onto something it is molded around. I also found a web site: http://www.micsaund.com/2006/03/13/plastic...r-diy-projects/ Interesting to see the product marketed this way. If you use it, remember, it is hot and good luck.
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