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  1. I can also advise you to view the following youtube channels, plenty of good advices : - Brent Durand : very clear advices, notably the video showing the different strobes placement configurations - Insider Divers, with the playlist "Insider Academy Photography" : an extensive course that goes into a lot of details - and of course the Wetpixel channel : very informative, both on cultural & technical levels
  2. Wonderful video, congrats, I can't imagine the numbers of hours spent to get so much rushes before being able to compile such a great video
  3. It depends ! If you use the metering system for an auto (P) or semi-auto (A, S) mode, then you're right, it's easier to just use the exposure compensation button. But in my case I almost always use the manual (M) mode, and "exposure compensation" then doesn't exist : in my case I prefer my method because, in that way, I can then use the "corrected" metering system through my viewfinder to estimate the most appropriate shutter speed for my blue backgrounds for example. I'm not sure that I'm explaining it quite well, I hope it makes sense :p
  4. I've just tried : yes, the -1 setting give the same result as setting the expo compensation to -1 Not an issue for me as this camera is dedicated for me to underwater photography only But you can also configure the "Fn" button (setting with "f3" reference on D7000) so as to use it as a shortcut to "Access top item in MY MENU", and then you put the setting "b5" in the MY MENU
  5. Thanks for the update ! On my side, with my Nikon D7000, I've found the following setting in the menu : item "b5", labelled "Fine tune optimal exposure" you can then specify what I think is an offset in the range -1/+1 Avantages : It seemed to compensate part of the bias that exists in metering when using the 10-17 from Tokina Drawback : It is not linked to a given lens, so when you switch lens to another one (60mm or 105mm macro in my case), then you need to switch back. But this is not too much of an issue if I forget to switch it back as I mainly do "flash only" when doing macro, while I do much more "ambient light" or "mixed light" when doing WA
  6. Just replying as I'm also interested in the answers you'll get !
  7. Hi Andrej I don't have a definitive answer on this, but I'm facing the same issue as yours with mine and my Nikon D90. A friend of mine told me that the exposure metering was really disturbed when working at extreme fov, which is the case @10mm with fish eye projections. He suggested to try at the @17mm focal length to see if the issue was still there but I haven't tried yet Anyway, I agree that's upsetting, any advice to overcome this is accepted !
  8. Hi ! I'm Mathieu Cornillon, living in the South of France, in Toulouse I've been practicing UW photography almost since my very first beginnings in diving almost 15 years ago, but I really got more in the practice 3 years ago, when switching to an SLR configuration which was quite more demanding in terms of knowledge and practice My configuration : a 2nd hand Nikon D90 in an Ikelite housing, with the 3 "classic" lenses : 10-17, 60 & 105mm, + 2 old school Nikonos SB-105 My hobbies related to diving : I like DIY, trying to find optimal configurations, and even designing accessories for my gear using 3D printing. I'm coming to Wetpixel forum after having viewed countless hours of videos on Youtube on the subject, including those from the official Wetpixel channel (congrats Adam & Alex) My favorite successful shot : a pair of "Spot-fin porcupinefish" that came right in front of my dome for a selfie during a snorkel session on my last "no fly" day in Red Sea before coming back home --> image What I'm looking for in the short term on this forum : opportunities to make evolve my configuration with tips & tricks, or even affordable 2nd hand items (I really would like to upgrade my config by replacing my Ikelite D90 housing with an Ikelite D7000 housing to fit the D7000 I already have, keeping compatibility with all my other accessories) Happy to be here, waiting to discuss with you ! Mathieu
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