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  1. Thanks for the reply, Jim. Not 'dim' in my book. Never seen a 5D3, mine is a 5D original. The com port is on the left of the camera under a rubber flap and is a simple 2-contact concentric plug with a screw-in retainer. I don't know what 'com' actually means in this context. I aslo run the Inons off this with no problems, one on a Nikonos port and one about to be on an S6 connector as the Nikonos one has got too scabby. The whole rig has had a lot of use in some poor conditions and been bomb-proof reliable. Are you running your Inons off the hot shoe please?
  2. Anyone using a Canon without a 'com' port with Inon strobes via a synch lead? I have just upgraded from a 5D in a Seacam housing (5D has a 'com' port) with Inon Z240 strobe/s to a 60D in a Seacam. Can't get the Inons to fire when the shutter releases. Anyone got around this please? I don't want to use TTL, just get the flash to fire at the right time through the hot shoe connection on the camera... Don't want to go to an optically triggered system.
  3. Got to introduce myself the Gremlins said. Not entirely sure how - think I just posted a blank post, but don't know. So, for what it's worth: Old geezer, diving ecologist, been taking digital underwater photos and videos for years but do it to record species and habitats, not for 'art'. Dive in UK only (went to El Cabron once and was sadly disappointed) so usually work in sub-10m viz. Looking to learn stuff about how to take reliably competent pics in crap conditions...
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