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  1. thanks for the tips, I'll discuss them with the crew and do my best to give them my gear so the nearest thing to grab is the one I want them to use. I'll dive sidemount for this trip, so they will have to handle the bottle(s) anyway for most entries/exits, that will just be another heavy item to handle. @Captain Fathom, I love the cooler bag idea, but I'm not familiar with the brand. How thick is the padding? I'll try to grab one similar before the trip, wondering if I should go for a slightly improved ikea/tote bag or proper padded one
  2. Hi, I've done a bunch of liveaboard, but that's the first one with a big camera and dome and stuff. We'll have a bunch of dives from the boat, and some from the zodiacs. For what I read, you do you entries normally but then come back to the boat and ask someone on the boat to give you the gear. I have an ok diving level (I'm a divemaster), but I don't know what's the best way to enter/exit and how to work with the crew to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone Do you have recommendations on what to ask them on how to handle you camera equipment?
  3. Hi, Xavier, divemaster that after a few years or horrible pictures with a 30$ action camera graduated to taking horrible pictures with an old sony cybershot. And, during the lockdown got a second hand canon 600d and ikelite and strobe and so many things that are taking half of my luggage ... and I'm thrilled to wet them for the first time in the red sea next week
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