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  1. Looks like it would Thanks for that, been constantly searching and only ended up with results from ebay/china. Was able to find this from your link to purchase in UK: https://shop.inonuk.com/multi-direct-base-iia-556-p.asp Thanks for that, much appreciated.
  2. Struggling to find a particular ball adaptor to purchase online. Anyone know where I may be able to get one or two of these please? Looks like I'd need the screws to be 1/4" (according to Aquatica AD80 manual).
  3. Thought I'd join after the site being mentioned in Alex Mustards book. UK Diver. Been using GoPro to create some videos so far (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJTf9dZkR4usidB25Qfp1Q) and I'm a hobby photographer on the surface. Looking to start getting stills underwater - starting off with Nikon D80 with Aquatica housing (still need to sort out strobes, arms etc.), has a 50mm lens which as a test worked out OK, but have ordered a 40mm Macro to be able to get closer to subjects. If anyone has any tips on this set up, much appreciated.
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