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  1. Unfortunately tribolube 71 is not sold in the uk. After a more accurate search I manage to find grease from fantasea, inon and ikelite brands from a camera shop and a lijun brand from Amazon that claims it can be used in any housing brand. Witch one should I go for?
  2. Hi, Just bought a meikon housing for my old Sony NEX 6. It's a second hand housing in perfect condition and already resist the bathtub test without the camera. The problem is that it didn't came with the silicon grease to lubricate the O'rings. Where can I buy it here in the UK? I'm leaving for vacations in two weeks and I need it ASAP. I was looking on amazon.uk but not sure if any of the products they sell will do the job. Any other things that I should pay attention when doing maintenance to the housing? TIA
  3. Hi everyone Portuguese but UK based wildlife photographer. Going to buy a underwater housing for my Sony camera to have a go at UW photography in witch I'm a total newbie. This seems like a nice community to learn a lot.
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