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  1. Long shot! Looking for an AOI DLP-06 Dome port and an AOI FLP-02 flat port for the UH-EPL10 housing.
  2. That looks and sounds like an amazing interaction! I think this has to be top of my bucket list for diving adventures. Thank you for sharing!
  3. I haven't gotten it wet yet, but I have the AOI housing and Olympus EPL10 as well. This replaces an old Sony point and shoot with housing that I had for well over 15 years. I really like the compactness of the camera and I think it's going to replace my topside Lumix FZ1000 for surface pictures as well. Just waiting till December for our next dive trip, cobbling together a kit, and doing a lot of reading. Living in NC makes it challenging to get in the underwater practice.
  4. Hi all- I've restarted my diving habit and with that restart have upgraded from an old Sony point and shoot to an Olympus Pen setup. While I wait for our upcoming trip to Roatan in December (and cross my fingers that it doesn't get scuttled due to Covid), I've been reading all the UW photography books and researching!
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