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  1. Just to follow up on this thread. I was not able to get an Inon strobe as a replacement. However, I was able to procure a THIRD copy of the YS-01 Solis and this one DOES work/sync with the preflash/double lighting bolt setting, at all power settings. I’m guessing I was just very very unlucky and my first 2 copies were duds. But happy to finally have a working one for my trip tomorrow (just in time!). Thanks to everyone here on this forum for helping me debug the issue.
  2. I'm in Seattle. Trying to figure out if I should get a different strobe + expediate shipping so I can have it before my trip on Wednesday.
  3. Thanks Chris. I’ve sent the first unit back and I actually got the 2nd unit from another retailer, as the shipping was faster. Although possible, seems unlikely for 2 units from 2 different retailers to be faulty, unless they do happen to be from the same batch… I’m going on a diving trip to Hawaii on Wednesday, so sucks that I don’t have a working flash. I guess I can try one from a different brand and pay extra for faster shipping? Any suggestions on one?
  4. Yeah, I can’t get the flash to fire at all with double lightning bolt. I’ve confirmed the RX100 does preflash by setting shutter speed to 2s and setting it to rear curtain sync. I’ve tried all of the flash settings, flash modes, exposure modes and none of them work. And I also tried my tv remote but I can only get it to trigger on single lightning bolt, even when pressing buttons repeatedly. I do have a Fuji X system with a cheap flash. Tried that and also couldn’t get it to trigger on double lighting bolt when set to TTL (to force a preflash). And used some newly charged Eneloops. Same issue.
  5. Hmm, got a replacement and it still doesn’t work with the double lightning bolt. Tried it directly pointing at the connector without the cable. Is there an issue with the camera?
  6. Just tried your suggestion and pointing the RX100 flash directly onto the connector port of the strobe and I still see the same behavior of it NOT working with double lightning bolt. Let me see if I can get a replacement.
  7. Thanks for the response Chris. Playing around with the slow shutter speed + rear curtain, I see the preflash now. However, that seems weird to me as I cannot get the strobe to trigger when I set it to expect the preflash/the two lighting bolts at all. I've only been able to get it to fire when it's set to one lighting bolt/TTL.
  8. Hi, I have a Sony RX100 VII in a Nauticam housing and recently bought a Sea and Sea YS-01 Solis as my first strobe. I have them connected via a fiber optic cable and triggered via the camera's built in set to "Fill flash". And have the strobe set so it fires without a pre-flash. Testing out the strobe on manual setting, I'm having issues getting the flash to sync properly when it's at 9/10 or 10/10 power. For 8/10 and lower or via TTL, the flash fires/syncs properly and I see the photo properly exposed from the flash. However at the higher settings, I see/hear the flash fire at a higher power, but the effect of the flash does not appear in the my photo. The camera is supposed to sync at up to 1/2000s, so I tried slower shutter speeds but don't see a difference. Also tried playing around with different flash settings and shutter type settings and still see the same issues. Does any one know why this might be happening?
  9. Thanks everyone for their help on this! I ended up buying a used housing and have a few more questions about it. I bought a used Sony RX100 VII separately and the equivalent Nauticam housing with the vacuum system from the Classified forum here (great experience btw). I followed all of you guys' suggestions of checking the housings + o rings and everything looks good/functional. I have a few more questions about testing the housing. I first tried the vacuum system at home and left it on overnight and it did not appear to have any leaking issues. I then took the housing to my local pool (that goes down to 12ft deep) and played around with it in the water for about 40min: first without the camera to check for leaks and then with the camera and did not encounter any issues. A few questions here: Is that a reasonable test to make sure nothing major is wrong with the housing? I understand things can change as I go deeper + o rings can wear out. But is there anything else that's reasonable for me to do other than actually taking it out on a dive? When I took the housing for the first time, I was initially surprised at some bubbles coming from the housing, near the connection to the lens port connection area. Nothing actually leaked though. It seemed like the bubbles mainly showed up at the beginning and did not continue after a minute or so. However, I did see some bubbles "lingering" near the port. Is that normal? I realize handling the setup UW during a real scuba might be more difficult, especially making sure I don't drop/lose anything. I've seen online you can get lanyards/handle straps for the housing. Is that generally what people use? And any recommendations? Any other general accessories you recommend having? Thanks!
  10. Ah got it. And how do you actually get a control o-ring replaced? Do send a housing in to get serviced? And generally, when do you send in housings to be serviced? Is it just when things break? Or is there a recommended checkup thing after a certain number of dives?
  11. Thanks so much for the info/tips Chris and Tom! I think I'll be okay with a compact system for now. While I understand that interchangeable lens systems will offer better quality, the size/weight are big concerns when traveling. I'd prefer not having most of my luggage dedicated to just UW camera equipment. The note about add-ons is good though; I'll keep that in mind. And dumb question, what's a "control o-ring"?
  12. Hi, I recently got scuba certified in mid August and am really enjoying it! I borrowed a friend's GoPro at the time as my first experience with UW photography but am now looking into getting a bit more serious in it. I'm already a fairly enthusiast photography normally (I shoot a Fuji X system) so have a good understanding of photography/photo equipment in general. After doing some reading/research here, I've decided I'm going to start out with a compact system for UW, just to keep things simple, cost down, and lower weight for travel. I noticed there's a fairly active classified forum here, so was thinking of getting a housing used. My main question here is what should I look out for/what questions should I ask a seller when buying a used housing? Anything particular I should be concerned about in terms of wear/tear or malfunctions? And how do I properly test it when I do receive to make sure everything works properly? When doing research in UW housing, I've already read an important part of the housing are the O rings and making sure they're well maintained/lubed. What's the best way to maintain/maximize the longevity of the O ring? What's the best place to buy extras? And what lube do people recommend? Thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone! I recently got scuba certified in Cabo in mid-August and really enjoyed it! I've already into photography (cityscapes and landscapes) and am looking into getting into UW photography. I was able to borrow a friend's GoPro during the first few dives, but looking into getting something more serious. Discovered this forum via Fred Miranda and am finding it very helpful as I do research into what equipment to buy. Thanks everyone for sharing their info so far! Hope to get good enough to return the favor :)
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