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  1. Thanks Chris, I realized that my mistake was to use DMF (old habit from my RX100). Continuous AF locking the subject seems to work pretty well. I tested yesterday and even with the SMC-1 on, I was able to find the subjects and get pretty sharp shots.
  2. I have the SMC-1/90mm on a A7R4 and I find is quite difficult to use, at least compared with my old RX100... Maybe I am doing something wrong, but these are my settings: - Set the lens to the minimum focus distance (0.28-0.5m). - Set the lens to auto-focus. - Use DMF focus mode, with focus peaking enabled Should I be using auto-focus instead? Any comments will be appreciated.
  3. My Inon Z330 have 350 dives in the past 3 years and they are just fine. I have seen one of my friends to flood one, but was a mistake as was some hair trapped in the o-ring.
  4. The dial has a button in front you have to push in order to move it. Same as the A1 and the Nauticam housing works just fine. There is a small lever that you have to engage with that button before you close the housing.
  5. I would not put the WWL-C on a holder, as is bulky, rather in a the shorts cargo pocket. Normally I will carry the hard cap in the pocket and if I want to switch during the dive, I will put the cap on and store the WWL-C in the same pocket. Said that, I almost never switch from super-macro to super-wide. If I see a potential of mixed subjects, I will rather put the diopter on a flip, allowing me to shoot super macro and some regular size subjects. But of course, all is about your dive site and personal preference. regards jordi
  6. Also, if you put all together the R5 setup (for macro and wide angle), dome, ports, etc... Maybe will come close in price to an A1 setup with 28-60 + Wwl-1 + CMC1... Sent from my SM-N9860 using Tapatalk
  7. Another consideration when comparing the R5 to any of the Sony is the Nauticam housing weight (and price)... The R5 housing is 3.5kg, while the ones for Sony are 2.7kg. The housing for the R5 is also significantly more expensive.
  8. hi @waterpixel, Why will you pick the 16-35 for distant sharks? Isn't the 28-60 with WWL-1 giving a bit more zoom range? Or is there another reason? thanks jordi
  9. Hi everybody from Hong Kong, I have discovered this forum a few weeks ago, even I used to watch your videos in YouTube. I have been shooting with a Sony RX100 system for a couple of years and now moving to a full frame Sony... looking forward to getting help from the experts in this forum. I am a macro lover, as you can see from the pictures in macro lover, as you can see from the pictures in my blog www.jordilopez.com Cheers! Jordi
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