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  1. On 12/1/2021 at 6:57 PM, ChrisRoss said:

    This assumes you want to start at 2.2 x magnification which if nothing else makes your subject hard to find and it will only focus so you can recognise objects  when you get close to the 45mm working distance.  I would think flip it up, set focus on your hand  or fin - so mid range - infinity range then pop it down - because the magnification is less the subject should be easier to find and getting the plane of focus near where you want will be easier.  If you are not close to focal plane you just see a blur in the viewfinder.   Once you have it slowly get closer , pumping the rear button AF as you go till it's framed how you want.

    Depth of field is razor thin so you need to be absolutely steady to keep plane of focus where you want it.  This is where peaking will come in handy you can see at a glance which parts of the critter are in focus.

    Thanks Chris,

    I realized that my mistake was to use DMF (old habit from my RX100). Continuous AF locking the subject seems to work pretty well. I tested yesterday and even with the SMC-1 on, I was able to find the subjects and get pretty sharp shots.


  2. I would not put the WWL-C on a holder, as is bulky, rather in a the shorts cargo pocket. Normally I will carry the hard cap in the pocket and if I want to switch during the dive, I will put the cap on and store the WWL-C in the same pocket.

    Said that, I almost never switch from super-macro to super-wide. If I see a potential of mixed subjects, I will rather put the diopter on a flip, allowing me to shoot super macro and some regular size subjects. But of course, all is about your dive site and personal preference.





  3. Good points.  That's been one of the driving forces to keep the Riv in the running.  That and the water contact lens, which seems to be a do it all zoom.  I just wish the Riv had better video abilities. 
    Also, if you put all together the R5 setup (for macro and wide angle), dome, ports, etc... Maybe will come close in price to an A1 setup with 28-60 + Wwl-1 + CMC1...

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  4. Hi everybody from Hong Kong,

    I have discovered this forum a few weeks ago, even I used to watch your videos in YouTube. I have been shooting with a Sony RX100 system for a couple of years and now  moving to a full frame Sony... looking forward to getting help from the experts in this forum.

    I am a macro lover, as you can see from the pictures in macro lover, as you can see from the pictures in my blog :dance:




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