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  1. Hi Oskar, I am new at using this snoot for macro (I used others that are simpler), did one dive with it and just about to go for 2 more this weekend. Based on this illustration you presented, is it the Useful Range that we should aim for? I certainly won't want to be at the focus distance as the edges are harsh. I was hoping it was the Working Distance range we want as it seems to have stronger light, only that I see now the mentioning of the dark spot in the middle. Thank you for support through this forum! Silvana
  2. Hi Tim, Yes is after a shot. I started with 50% power, ISO100, 1/250, f22, hearing that this strobe has some power. But it was surely way underexposed and as such, all my following shots were at 100% power, 1/200 and f22. With these settings, I would normally get good exposure with Sea&Sea snoot (which btw is an empty tube with a prism inside to redirect pilot light from side to center). I would say I had similar exposure with Retra LSD, if not slightly less with Retra (certainly not more). I did not use any of the circular masks yet, perhaps next weekend I can put them to a test as well. Attached is one of my better shot of the day. I think some of the resolution got cut off but you get an idea about the exposure. Thank you for your thoughts!
  3. Thanks Oskar. For Sea and Sea strobes I have been using, the pilot light would not come on until the strobe is recharged, so it's good to know that Retra strobe is different. However I must say I wish it was the same as I found the feature very helpful. I honestly did not pay attention to any sound, but I will run some tests on the land and be more observant. Thank you for the reply!
  4. Hi everyone, New member of Retra family here! I just got one Retra Flash Pro X with the supercharger and LSD (will get a second one later). I dive primarily in the dark cold water of South California so macro is what I do most of the time. I am transitioning for a setup with Sea and Sea YS-D3 with S&S snoot. Today was my first dive with the new strobe/supercharger/LSD. Everybody talks about the steep learning curve, so I am prepared for that. In actuality it was not too terrible, I did get about 3 decent shots The question I have is this: you take a photo, pilot light goes off, then comes back when strobe is charged and ready to shoot again, right? Only that in more than few instances, I got a black screen even with the pilot light on and illuminating the subject. I appreciate any comments anyone can offer. My camera is Nikon D850 with Isotta housing, shooting in M mode (camera and stobes). Thank you!
  5. Thanks so much Chris for this and pointing the video and the other thread.
  6. Cap is the same but what it screws into is not the same, they modified the battery compartment for YS-D3. The fit is not as snug as for YS-D2, for example. Just learned that a friend of mine who bought her YS-D3 around same time as I did, also flooded one of her strobes. I would be interested to hear more of the experience with this particular model than comments in general. Thanks anyway.
  7. Hi everyone, I recently got a 105mm lens for my Nikon D850. I already have a +15 diopter that I use with my 60 mm lens. I tried the +15 on the 105mm and it is rather difficult to focus. I would be interested to hear recommendations for a good quality glass +5 or + 10. This is for photographing small critters, 1 inch or less. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for your thoughts and shared experience. However, the leaks I experienced are not in general but very particular to Sea and Sea YS-D3 strobe. While the cap for the Sea and Sea strobes stayed the same for YS-D2 and I hear even older generations, the D3 modified the battery compartment to a different mold. It is noticeable the different fit of the cap from D2 to D3, in that for D3, it is not a snug fit as it is for D2. YS-D3 has been on the market for about 1.5 years and it was announced with a great buzz, but waiting to see the divers' experiences after more than just few dives. Thanks.
  9. Tim, Two questions please: 1. What does the macro ring do? 2. How difficult is to remove the snoot in the water? I am asking this as I am typically setup for macro but occasionally I run into a larger beautiful subject (octopus etc) and I fumble to remove the snoot and put back the diffusion disk on the strobe to shoot with both strobes. I currently have Sea&Sea YS-D3 strobes and snoot/diffusion disk have bayonet mounting. Removing the snoot is not hard in the water, more of a problem of how to present it from floating in front of the strobe :). Thanks!
  10. Thank you Tim for moving my question to the proper thread and I will be more careful to not ask side questions again. Is great to read through this extensive thread. While I travel for warmer diving about 2 times a year, the vast majority of my diving is at shores in South California where is dark and murky. As such, macro is the best bet for photography and I surely love it. Snoot is of the essence and I am generally pleased with the Sea&Sea one for YS-D3. But the guide light for aiming is too weak if I find a subject in the shallows in a sunny day, I get a lot of black screen shots. I would like a stronger light of beam and this is where I started to look at Retra snoot. I also find the supercharger very enticing if I can shoot over 350 images before I need to change the batteries. Thanks for the reply and the wealth of info this forum provides, it is much appreciated.
  11. Thank you for the comments! Regarding #3, i heard that handling the strobes from the extra batteries compartment can cause leaks. This is from a person that was not actually using them, so I was taking it with a grain of salt. Happy to hear your experience is different as I am interested to transition to Retra strobes.
  12. Of course I will have all the other things you do besides the 4 lenses, will also bring my compact Sony RX100 V and the housing/tray for it just in case... Have a great trip and I would be curios on a feedback on Retra strobes with the extra battery compartment, also how you like the snoot. Thanks!
  13. Thank you so much, is great to hear there are options! Will see how the space will fill up... Just bought some bubble wrap, and will start packing soon. I can't believe I will be traveling with 4 lenses
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