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  1. Thank you Chris, this is very helpful and also thanks for the link to the previous videos and discussions. One thing I am sure of, I am not buying the +23 diopter
  2. Thank you Chris. Are you saying a 60mm with a +15 diopter will provide less magnification than a 105mm with same +15mm? I don't have a 105 mm yet but from what I read, it provided more minimum focal distance rather than more magnification. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I have a Nikon D850 with a 60 mm macro lens. I currently use a AOI +15 diopter but getting greedy for more magnification and wondering if anybody has experience with using the AOI UCL-900 PRO +23.5 diopter. It will be the only one higher than +15 that will work with this lens due to short focal length for the 60 mm macro lens. The +23.5 mm is rather expensive ($789 in US) and I am hesitant to buy without hearing from anybody else. Thanks much in advance for thoughts.
  4. I think "swelling" is used in a more general term for o-rings degradation. Mine actually did not get thinker (from what I can tell) but got longer, and I only noticed when I could no longer close up the camera as the o-ring would bulge.
  5. I was there doing the same 2 years ago. If you are a total beginner, I recommend the GoPro. I later on got a RX100 VA which is a great camera but you will need practice with it. Depth is more than 20 ft, close to 40 ft I think and I used video lights with GoPro.
  6. Sorry to hear. I ordered mine just recently from Dive Gear Express in Florida. No hidden costs... https://www.divegearexpress.com/tribolube-71-o2-compatible-lubricant
  7. Thanks for the thoughts and good point about wanting to still free the arm to adjust the right strobe. Perhaps for wide angle shots I can keep the strap more lose, but where I dive (South California) is dark and murky, so I do a lot of macro photography with single strobe.
  8. Excellent Tim, this is what I was hoping to hear! Thanks!
  9. Good questions indeed Chris. Yes the housing has handles and I can't support it enough with only 3 fingers while I reach the focus and shutter buttons with the other two fingers. I can reach those buttons just fine otherwise. I do have floater arms on the long section and added float foam on the short ones - the camera is slightly negative. It is easy to move it around in the water, just not stable enough with 3 fingers hold. I have standard handle and I see now that Isotta offers small handles. Not sure that will help me though, as it is not an issue of reaching, I think...I see that a handle is 189 eurous, ouch. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, Before I spend more money for a possible not useful item, I would like to hear if anyone uses a hand strap for the housing. Below is a link for what will be for my housing. What will be useful for me is if holds the camera on my hand better while I fiddle between the focus button and the trigger button. I do not use the half press shutter button to focus so I have the thumb and index fingers occupied with buttons and unable to support the camera. Most often I need to other hand to support the housing. Also, I do not have big hands (XS gloves) Thank you! https://www.backscatter.com/Isotta-Hand-Strap-for-Mirrorless-SLR-Housings
  11. Indeed! I sent an email before to Isotta on another issue, but got no reply actually. I emailed to their "Info" email rather then "Support" email. So just a note on that, use "Support" for technical issues.
  12. Thank you, I feel proud of myself I learned a bit on the way and this forum provides amazing support! I am kind of disappointed in Backscatter, they could not tell me how to check the trigger type, they asked me to send it the housing. I dive frequently so that sounded like a poor solution. That is beside installing the wrong trigger and making me pull my hair out for over a week, troubleshooting. Thanks again!
  13. Happy to report that the mystery of the century has been resolved! Isotta helped me with instructions to check the type of trigger I have. Turns out, Backscatter installed a TTL trigger, while I asked for a manual trigger and trying to make it work with this assumption. The checking of the trigger type is rather simple: with the camera in the housing and the trigger ON, check the back display on the camera by pressing the "info" button. For my camera, bottom left corner says TTL. When turning the trigger OFF, that writing disappears. With that resolved, following the Isotta's instructions from the manual for TTL trigger made sense and explained why it works for me in the "pre-flash" mode of the strobes instead of "without pre-flash". Thanks everyone!
  14. Chris yes, I was thinking of the same, however it refers to making the TTL trigger to work in manual. I have a manual trigger. Anyway, that sentence indeed would explain why it works now, if I can only identify that I have a TTL trigger and not a manual one.
  15. Imagine my disappointment switching from Sony RX100 (compact) to DSLR and spending a boat of $$$, only to have the system not working. I troubleshooted together with Isotta rep for about a week, and after about 3 very frustrating dives, it started to work consistently but not in the way I was told to, it is simply because I tried with strobes in pre-flash and noticed that it worked every time . The trigger has a on/off button and then a set of 4 pins for each side of the housing. The pins look like attached and Isotta's rep advice was to switch them as shown on the bottom row (Manual). This in itself has been confusing to me as the instructions in Isotta's manual for switching this way is for electric cords and if you have a TTL trigger, which I don't (optical cords, manual trigger). Unless they put TTL trigger instead of manual by mistake. Thanks. instructions-d850-isotta 22.pdf
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