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  1. I feel like the GoPro is the best answer to this issue. So compact, takes great video and can take passable photos….did I mention compact. I’m probably going to get a go pro very soon for this very reason. I don’t wanna always lug around my a6400 rig with duel z330’s
  2. Im sorry i meant a6400. The options are my kit lens which is 16-50mm where i could use the flat port and a wet lens(UWL 400f or uwl-09f are the two compatible choices). OR i could get the FML Dome Port A6 for my 16mm 1.4. Will the A6 dome port give me a wider usable focal length like the wet lenses would. IF i go the A6 port route, I could also use this for a 10-18mm down the road. Also is the extra $300 worth it going from the UWL-400 to the UWL 09F?
  3. I’m on the fence on which route I should go. A fantasea done port and extension that will support my 16mm sigma or the fantasea wet lens that works with the 16-50 kit lens. Both end up being $700. Which is a better option? It’s for a a4000
  4. Hi Everyone, I am in the market for a handles and tray for my a6400 in a fantasea housing. Any and all recommendations would be welcomed. I have ULCS arms and clamps already. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  5. Hi Wetpixel, My name is Aaron and Im not new to diving or photography...or underwater photography. I had a sealife yellow film camera when i was 12 and am just getting back into UW photography. I had to take a 12 year hiatus due to heart arrhythmia issues that have been fixed recently. YAY! I bought a Fantasea housing for my a6400 and am in the process of building my kit. Im happy to be here!
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