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  1. Thank you Dan, no LUTS, just normal digital grading on Premiere Pro
  2. it is also a matter of luck ... i have been to Kicker Rock 7 meters of visi...some friends done it the day after ... 25 meters of visi and 100 dolphins
  3. Thank you for watching
  4. Thank you ...don't talk to me about dolphins.... i'm not lucky with dolphins ... just a few shots each time but never more than a couple of minutes ...
  5. Hello Everyone Last color of the "Magic" series The video was shot in Feb / March of this year (2021), same equipment as for the 2 others : 1 DX Mark II with Nauticam Housing, (no additionnal lights, no filters) I take this opportunity to thank each of you for your support, the "Magic" series has been officially selected for the 25th edition of the Belgrade International Underwater Film Festival and that is in large part thanks to you. Again a big thank to all of you
  6. Thank you for watching ... the tiger was very cool and curious, even it even collided with my housing
  7. Thank you ! You should ... great diving place
  8. Thank you ... yes Canon is a very good equipment NOIRE
  9. Hey there, last one was on the Red Sea, the new one is on French Polynesia I had the chance to go there a couple of times between 2019 and 2020 (Fakarava, Rangiroa, Tikehau, Moorea & Tahiti) Probably the most incredible shark diving i have done. Same equipment as for the Red Sea : 1 DX Mark II with Nauticam Housing, (no additionnal lights, no filters) Hope you will like it ...
  10. c'est gentil, merci à toi
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