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  1. Thank you very much @bghazzal . Nope, no filter, i do the white balance manually by filming a white board down there
  2. Thank you very much for watching Kraken, I would also have liked to make a longer video but I would have been told "it's too long"... But I can watch the underwater life for hours without ever getting bored for a single second...
  3. Thank you, yes i like to film in Slowmo and I assume this choice 100%
  4. Thank you very much Diggy, how are you ? Where are you currently diving ? At 3.25 ...real color ! Thanks for Watching Diggy
  5. Hi there, Video on a mixed diving trip (half dive center - half Liveaboard) in Thailand in March 2022. First we head towards the region of Krabi and Koh Lanta in the south, diving in Koh Haa, the archipelago is pretty, few divers, visi 25 meters.Then back to Phuket, some very good sites: Racha Noi, Racha Yai, King Cruiser and Shark Point : to be transparent, the visi is very random on King Cruiser (7 meters) or Shark Point (15 meters) Finally a "Similans and Surin" liveaboard, for this part I don't have too many words...however, what impressed me the most were the diversity of the coral, the colors, the underwater landscapes, hunting scenes and Richelieu Rock. Shot with 1DX MARKII / Housing Nauticam / Lens SIgma Art 20mm / no Additional lights Have a good week. Olive
  6. Hey Diggy, thank you very much, how was Seychelles ?
  7. Hello everyone, Following season 1 of BLUE PARADISES started last year here is the first episode of season 2 Shot with the same gear : 1DX MARK II / Nauticam Housing / Sigma ART 20mm Hoping you'll like it Have a good day Olive
  8. Sorry fir the late reply Andi, 1DX Mark II
  9. Hello everyone If you want to relax and chill this weekend, i have concocted a 1 hour 4K video of my underwater strolls at the RED SEA ! It's soothing... Enjoy your Weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKoHazf2II0&t=762s&ab_channel=Fly%26Dive
  10. Thank you Dan, no LUTS, just normal digital grading on Premiere Pro
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