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  1. Hi. I'm looking invest in my first rig as I would love to get into underwater photography, particularly underwater macros. Currently weighing up a couple of different options, balancing cost with features + upgradability, but always open to other recommendations. Option 1: Buy dive housing for existing camera I currently own a Fujifilm XT-20 which Meikon produce an underwater housing for (https://meikon.com.hk/products/fujifilm-x-t10-16-50-40m-130ft-meikon-underwater-camera-housing). This is probably my most cost effective option but only supports my 16-50mm lens. With seemingly limited options for other lenses/wet lens ports I'm unsure how good this would be for macros and how much room for growth this setup would have. Option 2: Compact camera and dive housing The other option I'm exploring is to buy a reasonably priced, used compact camera and dive housing. I'm currently looking at the Cannon G7X II and Sony RX100 IV. This seems to provide more options for housings and wet lenses however I'm unsure how images and macro performance would compare with the Fuji. Also involves buying another camera. As someone who is new to the subject of underwater photography any information/advice on these options would be greatly appreciated. I would also love to hear other recommendations that people might have.
  2. Hi all. Been hooked by diving ever since I completed my Open Water Diver in Croatia in 2018. Managed to get some more dives under my belt in Crete in 2019 however COVID-19 put diving off the cards for a while until recently when I was able to get into the chilly home waters of the UK for the first time. It's great to get back into diving and has kick-started a desire to combine diving with my interest in photography. Going to be using this forum to help me get started and learn about the kit I will need.
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