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  1. nice pictures! i took a look on your gallery really nice !! the blenny gold is cool ! which lens do you use for the macro ?
  2. je viens juste de voir le film bleu sur tahiti et là la mer rouge c'est juste incroyable! vous avez gagner un abonné sur YouTube ! quelle est la prochaine couleur ????
  3. wow beautiful ! i wish i can go dive here one day !!! nice job
  4. Really nice video , sony a7s looks nice for underwater video ! some shots are really nice and the music is nice too, but i think you can improve a little bit your editing easily
  5. Hi ! i'm a french diver since my 14 years old (thanks dad! ). i love the underwater world and the magic coming with! i'm an editor so i would love to work in underwater movie if it's possible
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