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  1. Hey there, would you consider trans-oceanic buyers?
  2. Thanks, this was very helpful and cleared up my thoughts! I got into photography years (and years) ago and the best choice (at the time) was dslr, infact I do have a d3100 and never upgraded since I have been waiting for a Nikon mirrorless for a long time but when they finally came out the f mount became obsolete so I got a bit confused on how to proceed. I always considered then selling my lens and, actually, buying an Olympus, even if many people tried to convince me to get a Sony.
  3. Thanks Tim, this was super helpful. I don't know why but I thought that full frame made a big difference UW. That was of course a prejudice without any practical basis but now I know what to look for. I always liked aps-c and I will stick with it considering what you said.
  4. Great post. Hope we will meet in Massa Lubrense next September.
  5. wow great pictures, this is exactly where I live. Did you go by your own or did you discovered the place thanks to some local diving company?
  6. What I mean is: water filters light in a different way compared to air. Does the bigger sensor makes a dramatic change UW more than it does outside of water?
  7. Stoo, thanks. Upgrading to a newer used camera sounds like a great idea. I actually found nice people in Classified!
  8. As per the title, I am looking for a housing for my old but beloved camera.
  9. Hi TimG, Thanks for your message, it was illuminating for me. I had a look at Classified and, actually, there are some very interesting things. I will take an in depth look at the used market and then will make my decision!
  10. Hi guys, i am looking forward to start with underwater photography since I spend more time in water that outside all year around. I plan on using my old d3100 as my undewater camera as it is in mint condition and I have always been very careful with the amount of picture I took (12000 as of today, barely 10% of the camera life). I am planning on buying from a local housing maker (Nimar) and I could get the housing and all the accessory to get started with my d3100 and its tokina 11-16 2.8 dx II for about 1750 euros. Hope to get some feedback from someone on this forum. M
  11. Hey there, This is Mirko, I live on the Amalfi Coast and have been in water most part of my life. Finally decided to buy a Nimar (Italian housing) for my old but beloved Nikon d3100 and Tokina 11-16 2.8 DX II. I am looking forward to share my experience at sea with you guys. Hope to see you underwater!!! M.
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