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  1. I use Inon Carbon Fiber Telescoping arms (legs) attached to ball joints on a tray. Inon also makes an underwater tripod head you can attach those legs to. I haven't tried that yet because I don't pan underwater, but it would probably be pretty darned good if it is of similar quality to the arms. I wrap a weight belt around the legs for ballast. INON Arm System [UW Tripod System] As an aside, I also have a 17" dome port and attach 2 of the arms to that and 1 to the tray.
  2. This lens seems like it might have potential for water work behind moderate sized dome ports because it has a close mfd = 10.8cm. Mounts to Sony E or L-Alliance. Has anyone tested this lens underwater? If not, I may rent one and report back.
  3. Hello, I'm a Florida based photographer just getting started with split shots, and shallow underwater using Nikon Z7 (and perhaps also Panasonic S1R) cameras. Joined to participate more directly with this leading community forum. Thank you!
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